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Blue color printed suit or Salwar Kurta in Indian fashion trends: then and now!

North India has been the center of political struggles for centuries. Although, several rulers have come and gone, it has remained a hugely significant political center. This has resulted in a very rich culture made up of diverse communities and religions that have influenced each other enormously. The clothing fashions explore its multi-cultural nature. Though, several popular north Indian outfits, like the Punjabi suit or the salwar kurta, are quite traditional, they have developed over the years to meet the demands of each new generation. The end result is a tremendous amount of variety in terms of designs and colors.

The most famous casual wear garment for men that is worn across Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and several other north Indian states is the salwar kurta. The Blue color printed suit is worn by women, though women normally go for the more feminized salwar kurta. This outfit was at first only worn by men as a casual wear outfit, preferred because of its versatility and comfort. In today’s fashionable world, the modern salwar kurta is preferred by both men and women. The kurta is worn alone with trousers or jeans. There are numerous varieties of the salwar kurta, loose fitting garments in neutral tones to the designer, from the classic, modern versions with fitted silhouettes.

Today Color printed suit in delhi is in a huge trend in both Indian and western fashion. It is considered an Indian version of the stylish and comes in a plethora of numerous patterns, colors, designs fabrics, necklines and sleeve styles. It has become as famous as the Punjabi salwar kameez, especially for casual wear amongst the younger generation, in north India. The kurta can be worn as a casual wear as well as special occasions depending on the luxury and richness of the outfit. It is occasionally paired up with fusion garments like the Nehru jacket to create a smart, formal look. The Nehru jacket and The kurta combination is one of the most desired and famous wedding ensembles for men in north India, along with more traditional garments like embroidered sherwanis and the silk salwar kurtas.

The emergence of online store or portals has literally changed the face of fashion in India. Many of these classic outfits have become famous and in-demands across India. Prior to the innovation of web world, buying your desired outfits were only possible when you visit to the nearby stores or shops and it was quite time consuming and frustrating, but in today’s scenario one can buy garments online sitting at home at huge discounted price.

Designer Sherwani: Crafted In The Fashion Trends Of Bollywood

The Indian Film Industry or Bollywood is very famous across the world for its amazing off beat movies, drama, thriller, action & music. Apart from this, its fashion trends have also made millions of people crazy. The fashion trends of Bollywood have influenced the life of millions. So, people just love to copy the style of their favorite actors & actresses.

The Bollywood is considered as the trend setter in terms of fashion. The people just love to wear the outfits that are designed in the exact replica of Bollywood shades. This has given new notion to the designers to create their collection with the touch of these fashion trends.

The talks about Bollywood is incomplete without discussing the style icon Salman Khan. Everyone remembers the famous song “Aake Bharlo Bajuo Mein” of the blockbuster movie “Lucky-No Time for Love”. Salman was looking exceptional in the designer sherwani. The bright red color along with the appealing designs perfectly boosts the charm of the actor. The shape of the outfit was also very attractive. This has given the new designing concept to the artists. With this, they started crafting their collection in impressive color combinations. Along with this, the designers started creating their designer sherwanis in the form of the long coats that are perfect to wear with the trouser shape pajama.

Apart from transforming the shape of the sherwani & pajama, the designers also started using decorative items in offering appealing looks to their collection. They started using heavy artwork of embroidery in which decorative items like sequins, beads & stones were used extensively in order to offer additional charm to the collection.

The Bollywood songs are definitely incomplete without the actor wearing the designer sherwani. No one can forget the famous song “Dupatta Tera” of the blockbuster movie “Partner”. Both Govinda & Salman were looking sensational while wearing these attractive outfits. The heavy embroidery along with the impressive color, makes both of the actors look great.

In the famous movie “Lingaa” blockbuster actor of the south “Rajinikanth” wore the blue colored Designer Sherwani perfectly reflects the popularity of this outfit. With this, one can easily guess that this appealing outfit is highly popular not only in India but also in every corner of the world.

The designers are using innovative cuts along the collar & neckline in order to give an appealing touch to the collection. Apart from this, the designers are using fascinating color combinations in compliance with the artistic work so that their collection looks unique. The heavy artistic work helps in creating impressive motifs in order to meet the diverse taste of the buyers.

In order to get the royal look it is recommended to wear the designer sherwani along with the trouser cut pajama & the nagra shoes. To add more charm also wear attractive color stole. This will help you in standing out from the crowd. Apart from this, it will also reflect the rich culture of the country.

For Mens sherwani online shopping, visit “Kesaronline.com“. A leading indian ethnic wear store offers wide collection of mens and womens clorhing like designer sarees, printed salwar kameez, kurti, kurta, etc.

The Innovative Fashion Trends of Driving Shoes for Men

That’s the main reason why many companies are now starting to launch exclusive car accessories to cater the exceptional preferences and requirements of car enthusiasts by assuring the comfort of driving cars at the instant focus. Among all available car accessories, the driving shoes are the latest stylish statement with elite designs to compliment your unique fashion sense.

Ultimate Fashion Symbol

After all, the benefits of driving shoes for men is not only limited to the comfort or ease of driving. However, these types of shoes are filled with the plentiful fashion sense in order to pick your own style statement. The car shoes are available on the market with different textures, designs and colors to suit your apparel styles perfectly. No matter whether you want to wear jeans or shorts, these car shoes for men can fit your statement for every occasion.

The Current Market Trends

Many shoe companies are now specializing in providing a wide array of multi-functional shoes so that you can use them anytime, besides during driving. That’s the main reason why many customers as well as manufacturers are now opting for driving shoes. With the growing trend on the market, these shoes have reached at the top among all available shoe choices.

The Exceptional Features

As these shoes are named as car shoes, it’s obvious that you should consider the features that separates them from ordinary shoe styles. Moreover, driving shoes for men have treads that extend from the sole to ensure the protection of the heels while driving. When you drive a car, they will keep your feet protected from any kind of driving related stresses. It’s due to the fact that, the soles of driving shoes are made soft to make sure an extreme level of comfort while driving. Moreover, in some varieties of these types of shoes have additional features to increase movement and maneuvering. With exclusive ultra-thin style, they can make sure to snug your feet by avoiding any movement inside or around the shoe. As a result, your shoes will stay intact and help you get an excellent driving experience.

Shoes are considered as one of the greatest fashion statements for men. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe and add some style and comfort ingredient into your driving routine with exquisite styles of driving shoes for men of Driving Shoes CO. No matter whatever your preferences, you will get your perfect pick as per your style sense!

Black Wholesale Bags and Accessories – Always Fashionable

When we talk about women’s accessories, we usually refer to wholesale handbags, belts, scarves, bracelets, earrings, etc. Regardless of the color of your outfit, if you choose black accessories, you will not fail in being elegant, stylish and always fashionable! If you want to know more about the significance of this color and why it is so loved, here is the answer: black is formal, dignified and mysterious. It is the color that symbolizes the night and magic. It is a color that protects us! From the point of view of the artists, it is a non-color, just like white. But do not exaggerate, because if you make abuse of it, you can induce depression – it is the advice of psychologists.

Thus, if you want to be fashionable, and look mysterious, try the wholesale handbags UK from acess.co.uk. Besides cheap handbags, here you can find other accessories too, such as jewelry or scarves, for the perfect outfit. I do not think there is a woman who does not possess a black accessory and at least one model of black wholesale handbags in her closet.
Black accessories can always be matched harmoniously to any outfit. They can outline the waist (a black belt) and they can emphasize your femininity. Any British lady should have a collection of black wholesale handbags UK and accessories to complete her outfits. They can save the day if you do not have accessories in the same tone with the rest of your clothes. And, of course, every woman has black shoes, which can be easily matched with black fashion handbags.

There are manufacturers who have in their collections, women’s jewelry and cheap handbags from the same type of material or in matching materials and colors. For instance, at acess.co.uk you can find the black wholesale handbags UK you dreamed of and the accessories you need in order to complete your outfit in a stylish manner. Black wholesale bags remain classic and timeless, especially those with a fine cut and different accessories applied on.
Since black wholesale satchels can be worn with almost any type of clothes, you will also have the comfort of not having to move your things from one bag to another all the time, avoiding the risk of forgetting something in the previous bag. The wholesale satchels can be worn cross your chest, being easier to carry.

Women, in general, when choosing accessories, such as fashion handbags, want not only functionality, but also design, style and quality. They want to emphasize the outfit with an object that says something about them. Acess.co.uk provides exactly this type of wholesale handbags UK and accessories, for a refined look and for a feeling of comfort. These can be a special and exciting enhancement brought to a sober outfit.

Latest Saree Trends in Fashion

For women, sarees are the most opulent and elegant outfit. Women look stylish, ultra-feminine, lovely and ravishing in sarees. Additionally, sarees are one the most versatile outfits as they can be worn for different occasions like cocktail parties, weddings and conventional festivals. What makes this outfit even more unique is the fact that they are available in different patterns and styles.

History and Origin

The saree is one of the world’s oldest garments. It originated in the Indus valley civilization between 2800 and 1800 BC. Initially, a saree like garment was used to wrap the lower body and a shawl was worn to cover the upper body. The modified version of this attire is now known as a saree.

As there is a wide variety of sarees available in the market, let’s have a look at the latest trends of sarees that are preferred by most women nowadays.

  • Chanderi cotton sarees: Chanderi sarees are one of the most popular ethnic fabrics among all the others of its ilk. These sarees are best known for their sheer texture, light weight and lustrous transparency. They are intricately woven by hand and embellished with beautiful motifs like coins, flowers, leaves, fruits, animal and stones. A chanderi saree is an ideal choice for summers as well as for traditional dressing in weddings and other events. Additionally, they tend to look flattering on women of all ages.
  • Lehenge style sarees: Whenever two extremely spectacular styles fuse together, something really elegant and poised is reproduced. Same implies for lehenga style sarees.  These types of sarees have become exceptionally popular as they bring forth a perfect blend of convention and modernism. Lehenga style sarees make you look elegant and traditional at the same time. Moreover, these sarees are versatile enough to be worn on all types of events and provide lots of comfort.
  • Designer wedding sarees: Whether you are a fashion lover or not, designer wedding sarees are something that every bride-to-be would fall for. Women looking for trendy sarees should certainly go for designer wedding sarees as they are both stylish and elegant. These sarees are mostly made of cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette and tussar and can be easily found in any designer boutique.
  • Designer cotton sarees: These sarees are really comfortable and available in various vibrant shades. Designer cotton sarees look simple and yet elegant. For instance, a simple white cotton saree embellished with intricate motifs and sequins makes for an extremely stunning and classy outfit.  Also, you can find many Bollywood celebrities wearing these sarees in attractive patterns and styles.

I f you are planning to buy the most fashionable sarees trending right now, you should definitely visit Utsav Fashion. You will find a huge range of stylish sarees at reasonable prices.

The effect of clothing brands in India on fashion trends

Clothes were initially meant for covering and protecting the fragile human physiology from the harsh environment, have seen a whole lot change along the years. After all these changes, clothes have evolved to almost become the external sheath of the human skin which has an elaborate effect on the personal aura of the individual. Today the societal scenario is in a state where the first impression of a person is derived from his external appearance making it extremely important that this aspect of personality be given attention.

India is the seventh largest country area-wise and has population only second to China. This population accounts roughly for 17% of the world population and therefore has an overwhelming effect on the general utility items including clothing. The market size is so extensive that it has the ability of practically overturning and maneuvering the entire market strategy and therefore, a strong grip in this market is considered one of the most coveted industrial targets. In addition to the present domestic clothing brands in India, many international majors are also trying to cut a piece of this pie for themselves. This increased competition in the market is a boon for the contemporary customer whose options have drastically increased along with the quality on the economical scale as well.

The major portion of Indian clothing market is concentrated around the youth of the country which forms a major chunk in the overall populace. The fashion savvy young fragment of the Indian market has shown extreme enthusiasm when it comes to adopting trending fashion and vogue. This part of the market is also susceptible to the brand talks and is responsible for actually raising and holding the status of any brand name in the market. Giordano India is one such favoured brand.

This Hong Kong based multinational brand has a legacy of bringing new trends to the South Asian region. It deals in all kinds of fashion merchandise and has made a good name in the market with its wide range of items spread over different segments. Its range of products includes t-shirts which are designed according to the raging global fashion trends. The range of products under Giordano t-shirts is quite varied as it contains both basic polo t-shirts and the youth preferred graphical tees. The variety in its product range is at the root of its success in the Indian market.

Any business dealing in consumer products is based on a faithful consumer base which understands its brand value and repeatedly deals in the products. Same is the case with clothing market which is highly dependent upon the consumer discretion and perception of the product. Youth is the major contributor in this market and thus, the brands which are able to hold on to the right nerve of the young people are more likely to succeed.  

Modern Party Wear Patiala Salwar Suits Latest Fashion Trends and Types

The fashion trends changes its face day by day. One kind of trend take over another trend in varieties of salwar kameez. One such stylish types of Indian ethnic wear is known as Punjabi suits. These dresses appear from the region of Punjab where you definitely find this suit in the closet of almost every woman. The Patiala Salwar Suits are display in textile industry in dissimilar styles. The types of Patiala includes Printed, Casual, Embrodiered, Bridal, Party Wear, Bridal, Dhoti kind of and Wedding style.

A Printed Patiala dress includes various printed designs on Patiala and usually seen in Georgette or Chiffon material. The funky looking these suits are best to wear in summer or heavy rain seasons. They provide great level of ease of wearing and pretty charming appear with natural looking floral prints, any scenery prints, Geometrical prints, Abstract prints or Bandhej prints. These types of salwar kameez are majorly purchased by women to wear on daily or official wear.

The casual embroidered suits are those having a Patiala with little embroidery work on it and usually seen with charming butti design on kameez and salwar of the outfit. These types of suits are perfect to wear on casual occasion like puja, ceremonies, birthday party of friend or any such event. The little rich and heavier adornments on it make them wearable as a party wears Patiala dresses.

The bridal Patiala Dresses are designed in such a way that it look great on bride in marriage. The use of sparkling adorns like diamonds, sequences or moti designs make such heavy suits best suitable for dulhan in wedding. These profound suits are little luxurious in cost as they obtains a expensive appear and sense. The style declaration of these suits really reaches the peak of the lady who wear it.  Another kinds of this dresses includes dhoti kind of salwar which gives a similar look like dhoti but remains in stitched form. These kinds of Patiala are seen with majorly a dark shades. An beautiful rounded curves that make them even more cozy and graceful. The craze of any kind of Patiala is just because it gives a great style and relaxing feel after attiring it. The one who is keenly search in for the cozy and comfy attire Patiala Salwar Suit is just the best option for her.

Trends are increasing day by day in various kinds of suits. One such Patiala Salwar Suits are really stylish and widely adorable by women from all over the world. The above information stated the different types and styles of such dresses. Hope you find this article helpful while purchasing the Patiala dresses.

Get Men Shirts in Hi-Quality Fabrics & Latest Fashion Trends

The changing trends in the fashion industry is giving a push to the lifestyle and thought process of the common people. In India, people are constantly adopting the modern trends and new designs to get a smart look. The fashion industry has revolutionized the way people wear clothes. Smart and chic formal shirts, pants, jeans, T-shirts, and apparels of different kinds are flooding the market in a big way. In this era, fashion has touched the lives of men, women, and children of all age groups. People remain in search of the latest fashion clothes and want to look stylish among their friends and society. Usually, India is a big hub of fashion and garment industry and there are innumerable textile firms, and reputed fabric brands, which are continuously manufacturing a variety of high quality fabrics and stitched clothes for their customers around the world.

In India, people of every age are diverting towards the latest fashion wear, casual wear, formal clothes and other stylish clothes & accessories which are worn at different occasions. For instance, most men in India remain in search of high quality shirts, pants, trousers. Among them, shirts are main attractions. The shirt manufacturers in India have been dealing with a wide range of customers in India, as they are in search of top-quality designer shirts made up of good fabric. They never compromise with the quality and fashion trends in shirts, and love to experiment with different patterns including stripes, checks and other prints.

There are many gents shirts suppliers and makers available in India. They are involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of shirts made up of materials like cotton, silk, wool, linen, jeans etc. Most men like to wear shirts made up of different kind of fabrics. The shirt makers develop and design fashionable as well as formal shirts for men in all sizes, designs and styles as per their requirement. Every street and marketplace is flooded with stitched and non-stitched shirts for men. Hence, the varieties are huge and one has ample option to choose the best one amidst the glut that suits you and compliment your personality. Below is the list of some highly demanded shirts for men in India-
Cotton Shirts For Men
In India and around the world, most men like to wear shirts made up of cotton fabric. In India, one can easily find the widest range of shirts made up of cotton material in different sizes, colors, designs and looks. Here, the designs and colors can be found in a huge variety, so that men have ample options to choose from. Cotton made shirts are always good in quality and have long shelf life. Find shirts in cotton for office wear, party wear, and in different styles at top-notch shirts stores in India. The price ranges of cotton shirts may vary in terms of their designs, quality, and sizes.

Silk Shirts For Men
Many men are keen to wear stylish looking shirts made up of silk material. As silk is always a soft and stunning looking fabric, the shirts made up of silk are always impressive and lightweight. Men prefer silk shirts to wear on special occasions like parties, functions and other romantic moments. Find silk shirts for men in vibrant colors, designs and shades at best known cloth emporiums in India. Many reputed brands have also launched their latest collection of silk shirts in all sizes and designs for men who want to remain in style. They can approach the right cloth shops in India and grab ultimate collection of silk shirts at affordable prices.

Likewise above shirts, most men love to wear shirts made up of jeans, wool, linen and other materials that are also available in distinct designs, styles and colors. Interested men can approach the finest cloth shops in India and can find the desired shirts easily.

Best Online Sites to visit for Latest fashion Trends

Fashion is a slow ripening fruit in our country. Despite owning the resources, Fashion hasn’t grown to its optimum potential in the last decade. Of course you see bits and glimpse of world fashion in Bollywood movies and possibly pine over a beautiful piece of clothing or jewellery, that you know is impossible to get anywhere in your city. Thankfully online shopping provides some reprieve; it has made fashion within reach for almost all the internet using citizens.

Latest Fashion Trends

So if you want a rare piece of clothing or shoes, here are a few fashion tips on sites to visit for latest trends.

India’s most sought after fashion site would be:-

This is a megamall for online deals in India for fashion products. Catering to all categories and age group, finding a trendy piece of clothing is not out of question. You can find even the clothes that you might have seen in movies.

Elitify.com is something of a giant for this category. Why is that, because you get most of the designer wear and clothes off the ramp and even world brands here? Possibly even the brands that you don’t see or hear much of.  Elitify is also for the niche market, as you can tell, by the designer wear and brands, they do not come cheap. 

Koovs.com is another well to do site; it houses some of the most recent trends, for extremely reasonable rates.  Koovs has the leverage of not just having good designs but also affordable rates.

Roposo.com is another link to all that is fashion. You want a certain design, you get it here. It houses numerous brands and various categories. So search is even easier this time around. It is not selling anything of its own but holds a record of brands and products, thus directing you to the most suitable one, to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for latest trends, this is the best site to visit. You don’t leave disappointed.

IndiaRoots.com is the designer wear online store for Ethnic or fusion wear. It is a craft based store, bringing to you the most chic designs in the market on the most opulent of fabrics at reasonably low rates. So if you want something Indian, related to crafts and textiles; this is your go to store. What is more, that these designs are unique. You shall not fid the kind of clothes on any other site or store.

Now that you have a fair idea, where to look for trends…

Go online, shopping!

Fashion Trends and the Power of Laser-Cut Acrylic Jewelry

Trying to look chic and sophisticated while sporting the latest trend can be a hard feat to pull off but with laser-cut acrylic jewelry, this can be easily done. These trendy pieces can be colorful, fun and –  best of all —  easy to work with. By learning how to incorporate them properly into your chosen outfit, you’ll be looking as glamorous as if you came right off the catwalk.

Tips to Avoid Looking Drab and Un-Fabulous

Do not use too many accessories at one time so you don’t look as if you are trying too hard. Stick with one statement piece because simplicity is always the key to a great outfit.

An all-black ensemble can be transformed into something youthful and fresh by wearing a bright red acrylic necklace.

Monogram jewelry can help you add the hottest season color to your wardrobe without changing all your clothes and diminishing your life savings.

Avoid looking “matchy-matchy” by trying to use complementary colors instead of monochromatic ones. For example, if you happen to be wearing a soft pink chiffon dress, try not to use hot pink or fuchsia for your shoes or bag. Blend in another color, say lavender, to make your outfit look polished.

Customized jewelry can be tricky but if you stick to one piece, say a bracelet or a necklace, then you can pull it off as a fashion trend.

Creating Your Signature Look

Engraved and personalized accessories can sometimes make or break an ensemble. But when done in the right fashion, it can be a part of your signature look. If you avoid having it look over the top, then people might even follow your lead.

For example, a personalized money clip may look fashionable and trendy if you put your initials on it. Choosing to stay classy with a single hue, say silver or gold, can also amp up its beauty and not attract any negative feedback from passersby.

For your signature look, make sure that you pick a piece that will not overtake your outfit. Miranda Priestly, the fictional editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine in “The Devil Wears Prada”, uses a Hermes scarf as part of her signature look. It is neither too elaborate nor too simple but it reminds people of her whenever they see it lying around. Just ask her assistant Andy Sachs.
A powerful accessory can be the key to a successful and fashionable outfit but if it is overly done, it might also land you a spot on the ”Worst Dressed” list. Just ask yourself, ”does this accessory make me look tacky?” and if your gut says ”yes”, then it probably does.

Go for pieces that scream originality but not ”look at me!” Remember, it is not a piece that will define you but your personality and characteristic. Such accessories are made to make your outfit pop but the person wearing them should never be overshadowed by anything, whether it be jewelry, real leather or a designer bag.

Frederick Engraving helps you remember your event forever with personalized engraving. Founded in 2012, it is the perfect online source to look for customized acrylic jewelry and products made from top-notch material that can be worn on all occasions. Check out our fine collection of acrylic necklace, earrings and other items at

Buy scream queens accessories online

People are always curious to adopt different styles from different people. If they find a different style from anybody, they will get inspired and try to follow the same style. This will be generally happens with the people from different places. If you belong to a country you will have certain style in the way of dressing and using other accessories and you cannot assure that the same style will be followed by the other people in the other countries. If this is one of the cases there is another case in which people get inspired from cinemas and serials.

If an actor in the serial or movie follows a style then the people will also search for the same costumes or accessories to use. This is common among the people all over the world. Everyone will have a favourite movie or a celebrity and they will use to follow the style of those people. Men will get inspired from the actor’s costumes, bikes etc. and the women will inspired by the costume and other fashion accessories used by the female actor in the particular film or serial. Similarly TV serials are also followed by most of the people and they the follow the style which has shown in the serial.

“Scream queens” is one such serial which has created a huge impact among the women. The costumes, shoes and other fashion accessories have become popular and it is the trend in the latest generation. Since it a kind of comedy and horror serial, the costumes and other related things will be different from the general costumes and accessories. Generally the serial will have some familiar dialogues and if there are some dialogues, then it will be printed in the costumes and it became the trend.

People can find the costumes and the accessories used in the serial online. There are many online shopping portals selling the products for the people who are searching. They provide different offers on the scream queen’s clothes. Products which are in the online portals will be exactly giving the scream queen’s style to the people who are using it. Products like Bella luxx and top shop are become the trend among the people and you can find those things online for the best offer. Earrings like shourok and other things are also available in the online portals.

Since it is a horror based serial the costumes will be designed specially to give the enhanced look the actor. Those costumes inspire the women a lot and they are much interested to try those stuffs by themselves. Costumes like daisy shely, top shop, zara, moschino are very familiar and they are sold out very soon. The footwear also become familiar since it has different designs and people are very curious about high heels will not leave the heels used in this serial. The footwear like GX and Christina luboutin is the most products in the serial.

Fashion Accessories Will Always Be In Demand

Fashion accessories include all those items that accentuate the personal look and style of a person. Today, fashion accessories are available in all kinds of materials and designs. Women never get tired of buying more and more accessories. Hence, they have a great demand. Read on to find out more about fashion accessories and where to get them from.

Women go to great lengths to accentuate their looks and can spend a good deal of money doing so. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many companies involved in cosmetics, garments and accessories. Women are often more conscious of fashion trends and therefore keep updated of the latest trends. Fashion accessories are one of those knick knacks that women absolutely love to flaunt. The reason is they enhance your overall appeal or can even give a new touch of style to even a bland looking dress. Fashion accessories may include everything from earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and charms and so on.

What is great about fashion accessories is that they come in myriad kinds of designs and makes and are loved by everyone from school kids, teenagers, women to even boys and men, depending of course on the type of accessory it is. However, for the most part, they are used by girls and women who love to purchase fashion accessories for all their outfits and are often never satisfied, however large a collection they may possess. Unlike, jewellery that is precious and limited for a few special occasions, fashion accessories is suitable for everyone and for every occasion.

These accessories are available in a great variety and choosing the right accessories with the right outfit can quickly make you a trendsetter among your peers. From cute bracelets that go well with denims to the heavy, colourful, chunky bracelets, much needed for a bohemian look or shiny, elegant one for a party, there are limitless choices. Earrings are one fashion accessory that helps you get a completely new look. They are available in a great variety again, from tiny, bling earrings to glittering ones, shells or simple danglers, there are boundless options. This is the thing about fashion jewellery. There are countless accessories in myriad varieties and there are countless materials that can be used in fashion accessories. From metal to plastic, shells, glass, stones and several other materials can be used in making fashion accessories.

What makes fashion accessories so popular is that they can give very different and unique looks and you can choose the accessories that bring out your personality and enhances your looks. They reflect your personality by the way you dress up. In terms of costs, fashion accessories are quite affordable, one reason why women never seem to get enough of them. There is a great market for fashion accessories and currently, it shows no signs of abating. In fact there will only be constant growth with increased demand in the market as more and more women and teenagers are getting increasingly conscious about their looks. There are many fashion accessory manufacturers offering a superb range of fashion accessories.

The best place to look for a vast collection of fashion accessories is on the Internet. Since, the Internet provides a wide access; you can find the largest and the best collection of fashion accessories supplied by many online stores. Fashion accessories are here to stay and will only grow in popularity.

Finding The Best Wholesale Women’s Apparel

It is a proven fact that men are not such frequent shoppers compared to women. Women prefer to shop in wholesale stores that deal in both clothes and accessories which make it cost effective for them. These wholesale stores provide them with many varieties in styles and sizes – petite size, medium size and plus size. The clothing apparels vary from tops, dresses, skirts, sportswear, swim wear, pants, tights, intimates and accessories.

The main benefits of shopping at the wholesale stores for your wholesale women’s accessories are that they not only have quality items at great prices, but they also offer discounts for the fashion of your choice. For that needed wardrobe change, the best place to find the clothes of your dream are in those stores that stock stylish accessories and women clothing. Most people postpone that needed wardrobe change because of not knowing where they can shop to achieve that change at affordable prices. The women’s apparel wholesale stores will save you the time that you would have spent on shopping in various stores to compare prices and find the items you need since they stock every wardrobe piece that is need at pocket friendly prices.

The best places for shopping for your wholesale women’saccessories are the online stores that list the items in stock on their websites or on the larger web stores. Most of the online stores give discounts on their prices. Their list of items in stock will include the main prices and pictures as well to assist you in your selections. One is also able to check out latest trends in fashion and place orders for the items of your choice. At least get to know your clothes size, shoes size and accessories size so that you don’t end up making a wrong order.

These wholesale women clothing stores have very wide array of varieties ranging from tank tops, tee-shirts, halters, rompers, sleeve-less, camisoles, balloon skirts, off shoulders, tunics, spaghetti straps, maxi dresses, and so much more. One will find both official and casual wear to give you a pleasant and stylish look. The apparels have been tailor made to suit women of all shapes and sizes, there are floral designs, pine strips, bright and pastel colors and also designs by expert designers.

Significantly, there are special plus size designs in many varieties of dresses.
It is always important to do a proper research on the wholesale suppliers wholesale women’s clothing, in relation to the different sizes that they stock and the quality of their items. Proper research will enable the women to make wise choices during their shopping experience. The best suppliers usually stock many varieties and leave you spoilt for choice. The ladies should ensure that the correct measurements of their figure are taken before a purchase is made so that they may only pick the right fitting dress. Fashion magazines and websites do givewinter fur handbags insights and ideas; this will be helpful in knowing which are the trendiest clothes at the wholesaler’s.

2010 Women Hair accessories For Xmas Hairstyles

Designers are responsible not only show the latest trends into garments, but also hair accessories. Gateways are the best source of inspiration about our looks, hairstyles andwomen hair accessories.

The 2011 hair accessories emphasize femininity and so many designers have opted for flower accessories. Here we show you everything you need to keep abreast of the latest trends in 2011 hair accessories:

The 2011 accessories are bold. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui chose to mark presence props.

There are also more traditional and conservative accessories, such as hair clips. Are accessories that when used creatively can become the centerpiece of a hairstyle, giving it more definition and a touch vintage.

Another strong trend is accessories various tissues. Besides being elegant styling stand out in a glamorous normal.

The feathers remain a hair accessory, giving a sexy and sophisticated look. While Metal Accessories remains a classic technique in hair accessories.

The headbands could be seen as an aesthetic crime at times, but depends on how they are used can be surprising. You can place them on top of the front and create a simple hairstyle.
Women’s hats and caps 2011
Often find winter accessories perfect can be a difficult task. Fortunately, the trends we offer endless options. You must take into account the structure and colors and combine them with your face shape and skin color. Here we show the trends in Women’s hats and caps 2011:

You must feel comfortable with your choice. It’s good to know that high-crowned hats, and half a wing work very well for round faces. Broad wings instead go with the low crown long faces.

Besides adding style, hats and caps are perfect for those days that we feel comfortable with our hair. You can choose men’s hats and combine it with dresses or jeans.

Berets is another option. Favor the face, giving effect round face and healthy. Berets Wool, Knitted and large. They are perfect for use in a relaxed style and we add a touch of elegance.

A great option is hats or fur caps. Because skin is one of the most popular textiles in all 2011 season. You can also opt for an aviator hat, as the military style is also one of the main trends.

Buying Aldo accessories for women online in India

People looking for stylish and trendy Aldo accessories can shop online. There are various online stores on internet that sells Aldo accessories and one such being is Shopatmajorbrands. No matter whether you are looking for shoes for women or shoes for men, you will easily get at Shopatmajorbrands. You can shop stylish and trendy Aldo shoes in India at Shopatmajorbrands. There you will come across a wide range of options in shoes for men and shoes for women.

Aldo is one of the leading International women accessories brand. This brand is indulged in producing and marketing shoes for women and men, shoes care accessories, handheld bags, clutches, shoulder bags & Totes, cross body bags, wallets, satchels and messengers and much more. Aldo is one of the well known accessories brands which has over 1600 retail stores and approximately 1000 of which are under the Aldo banner. Aldo operates in different parts of the world like Canada, United States, The United Kingdom, Ireland, and India as well as in 16 franchised countries. The founder and CEO of Aldo company is Aldo Bensadoun. The aim of Aldo is to make its customers feel good though the products and services. This brand is dedicated to provide total customer service.

Aldo Company specializes in the making of high quality fashions shoes for women and men and accessories. Aldo pays close attention to detail and to fine craftsmanship. This company is dedicated to bringing high quality and cutting edge trends at affordable prices. Shopping Aldo n accessories online is a good alternative than visiting different stores in different malls. There are many benefits of shopping Aldo accessories online. When shopping online you will get so many options in shoes for women and men.

On internet you will come across number of online stores specialize in Aldo accessories providing more sizes, varieties, patterns, colors in shoes for women and men to choose from. Instead of moving from one store to another and moving distance and wasting your precious time, you can go online and have look at the Aldo shoes for women and men and accessories from the comfort of your home. While Aldo accessories shopping online you also get the opportunity to search as many stores as possible without wasting time and money on travelling. Online Aldo accessories shopping give you a platform to compare prices at different stores to get the best deal. The best part about shopping online is the discounts and sales.

Jaipuri scarves – a new and trendy fashion accessory

Most women use fashion accessories to make their outfit look good and presentable. Currently, scarves are women’s best fashion statement for daily use. Earlier scarves are used to wrap around the neck during the winter season. It is mostly used by French women.

Scarves are used to add glamour to your dress. For example, a colourful scarf on the dull short black dress would make your outfit appealing. Wrapping of the scarf around handbag or purse is also picking up the pace as a fashion statement. Also, they are handy as you can use it in rainy or winter season. There are around 21 ways in which you can wrap scarves around your neck.

History of scarf

In ancient Rome, it was first manufactured as a garment to keep the body clean. It was called swat cloth and was used to sweep sweat from neck and body. They were used by men. Soon women start using it. With the increase in usage, a variety of material like silk, wool and cotton was used to make a scarf.

Chinese army wears scarf according to their rank.

In the 19th century, scarf becomes a fashion statement for both men and women. In the 20th century, celebrities start using a scarf as their film prop.

Why had Jaipuri scarves?

A scientist has proven it that colours boost your mood. Jaipuri scarves are known for their vibrant colours and designs. Jaipuri scarves are exceptional life. It reflects the vivid and colourful spirit of Rajasthan. The beautiful design in scarves shows the cultural art of people living in Rajasthan.

A woman should have scarf in their wardrobe

  1. Now a day’s, scarves is used in all seasons. Scarf made from the woollen material is used in the winter season and silk and cotton material is used in another season.
  2. Scarf add colour to your outfit.
  3. Cheapest and fastest outfit which can change ordinary looking shirt or top extraordinarily.
  4. In some countries, scarf wearing is important for a woman.
  5. The scarf is a great fashion accessory because it allows you to follow latest fashion trend without changing your current wardrobe.
  6. 6.      The scarf can be used to cover the nose. It protects you from inhaling dust and vehicle exhaust.

How to choose best-suited scarf?

  1. If you are wearing it with the coat, then chose a heavy coat with a lightweight scarf or vice versa. Usually, prefer white scarf and dark colour coat or leather coat.
  2. In the winter season, always use a woollen scarf.
  3. In winter, preference should be given to short scarf.
  4. In the rainy season, use scarf made from silk as raw material.
  5. In the rainy season, wear a colourful or black dress with light colourfully designed scarf.Jaipuri scarves are the best option.
  6. In the summer season, opt for a light colour dress with dark colourfully designed scarf. A Jaipuri scarf which is dark in colour and fully designed is the best option.
  7. In the summer season, use scarf made from cotton as raw material.
  8. The scarf is also widely used in man’s wardrobe. Three piece man suits with the scarf are widely accepted as a fashion statement.
  9. Choose green scarf with a black coat or red or orange scarf with a blue suit.

EnhEnhance Your Elegance This Season With Aldo Accessories Earrings ance Your Elegance This Season With Aldo Accessories Earrings

Earrings are splendid and glamorous; they immediately enhance the style statement of a woman and make her look stunning and elegant. In fact, among the wide range of fashion accessories for women available in the market these days, earrings are the most shopped accessories for women for a charming and chic look. These splendid fashion accessories definitely add charm to a woman’s ears and enhances her facial beauty and elegance like no other. So, if you are wondering on how to get a perfect and appealing look this season, you simply need to match designer earrings with your outfits to get your look right! Aldo Accessories, a brand that has been popular since traditional times for its fascinating women accessories and their quality, understands your love for modern day accessories and thus comes this season with an astounding new collection of earrings to shop from. These earrings are classic and exclusively styled to make you look glamorous.

Aldo Accessories Dubai is a highly reputed and trusted name among women when it comes to shopping extensively online. The quality and the unique styles of the accessories brought by the brand are well known among women and can make one look splendid, fascinating and appealing in the real sense. The exclusive and brand new collection of designer earrings for women online introduced this season is mind blowing and amazing in the real sense and crafted at par with the latest styles around the world. The splendid and branded earrings can make you look astounding in the true sense and add to your fashion statement to make you a perfect style diva. So check out the branded new collection online in Dubai on top fashion websites right away and set out on a shopping spree.

The amazing new collection of Aldo Accessories earrings for women brings fabulous hanging as well as decent, sober and elegant accessories for you to match with your fashion outfits. These earrings look amazing and exquisite in the real sense and are perfect for you to match with your all sorts of fashion outfits. For instance, you can match the classic and elegant earrings along with designer casual wear outfits and also with splendid and exotic party wear dresses. They match well along with western as well as ethnic party outfits to raise your fashion and glamour quotient and make you appear like a perfect style diva. No wonder, by matching these earrings with your designer dresses, you can cast a spell on people instantly and emerge as a style icon instantly.

The amazing accessories for women online now come to you in bright, light and classic colors that look captivating and catchy. Ranging from the very common, decent and sober ones such as black and white, you also get the rich and fascinating colors of golden, silver, gray, blue and many more to pair up with your clothes every day and also at special occasions. Moreover, each branded earrings also feature unique styles, patterns and designs that look stunning and exotic.

Latest Korean Fashion Accessories Online

For many people fashion not only means an added piece of jewelry or clothes but for them it defines their personality. They can’t take the risk to choose on something which has a great impact on their personality and hence they all want it best for themselves.  This is the age of e-commerce and thus shopping for the best fashion accessories online is the new trend among the ladies. From trendy scarves, jewelry, earrings, clutches to brooches, they can find everything online and cherry on the cake is, at a very reasonable price. The latest trending accessories for women includes pearl earrings, double side earrings, studs, drop earrings, hoop earrings, dangles, ear cuffs, feather, potli bags and statement clutches.

One accessory that can really add on to the style statement of any girl is the clutches. Yes, those sexy studded clutches for women. At Oanra India you can buy clutches online having different designs and patterns like box one, potli style, party clutches, embroidered ones and so on. Pick your favorite one at the lowest rate.

There is something about these fashion accessories that every girl go mad about it and earrings are their favorites. Here comes Oanra India with its unique collection of earrings just to serve the accessories madness of millions of ladies out there. You can find a wide range of earrings online like stud earrings, clip earrings, drop earrings, hoop earrings and so on. So, ladies don’t wait any longer and pick the best one for yourself.

Women love for artificial jewellery is not hidden from any one, whether it is a chunky necklace or a full studded one they want it all for their closet. And why not when all these comes at a very reasonable price without giving any trouble to anyone’s pocket. Jewelry is something which has endless varieties and Oanra India offers the same, in addition to this it offers otherfashion accessories also like clutches and brooches. You can sort the collection on the basis of style material, occasion etc. In earrings there is double side ear stud, ear cuff, neck length, short length, single side ear stud. You can find different materials in these like alloy, crystal, pearl, gem stone, zircon etc. Where as different kind of accessory is needed in the occasions of wedding, party, first date and at the work place.

The NRI’s staying far from their country love to adorn Indian clothes and accessories but could not find the perfect medium from where they should buy it and thus Oanra India bridges the gap. Its delivers the item all over India as well as abroad, whether you are living in Canada, USA, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong,China, Singapore, you can get these beautiful accessories for yourself at the cheapest rates. Don’t wait any longer, order them today!!

There are Many Car Accessories for Girls only, but there is only One Champion

When it comes to finding unique car accessories for girls, much it depends on what you mean when you say “single”. Unique accessories could be that very few people have, or might well be accessories that are designed specifically for the female market. After all, there are certain accessories that no man would want.

To a large extent, men and women like the same kind of car accessories. It is how these accessories are dresses that will ultimately be the deciding factor. For example, if a guy likes dashboard mats could choose a display name of your favourite football team or the baseball team. Women on the other hand would probably want something a little more feminine.

If you are looking for accessories that offer a degree of practicality, or if you are looking for stickers or emblems, there is a particular design that has reigned supreme for a number of years already.

Depending on how good your memory, remember that a certain cat was born in 1974. He never had a name at the time, but in late 1975 virtually everyone had come to know her, and was later given a name – Hello Kitty.

From dishes designer clothing bags, Hello Kitty has been a global sensation and not just among young girls. Women of all ages have fallen in love with this feminine symbol of tenderness. At first, Hello Kitty was essential designed for the younger generation, but stole the hearts of most women, regardless of age.

I’ve seen car brand “Hello Kitty” in dealer showrooms, and the number of car accessories Hello Kitty is amazing. Indeed, most men would never be seen in a car Hello Kitty pink and white, but cannot be said about women. Hello Kitty is without doubt, a very cute and adorable symbol of femininity.

How much difference can a little “tender” is truly amazing. In the past, very few women were even interested in accessories like wheel covers. These days, a steering wheel Covers white leather with pictures of Hello Kitty is an essential element. And do not forget dashboard mats Hello Kitty; Hello Kitty cup holder; Hello Kitty handbrake grip and etc.

In short, if you are searching only car accessories for girls, take much to beat Hello Kitty. That said, there is actually a very serious contender, and interestingly, is a boy this time. Still, most men do not want their cars to spend it as well as Hello Kitty, is most women who have fallen in love with him.

Of course, if you’re a woman and you want to customize the car you drive, certainly you do not have to limit your choices to these two characters. There are many different accessories like Car perfumes, Door Visors, Car foot mats, Door sill plates etc. to choose from. Some are cute; some are practical, and then you get those that are cute and practical.

Ten essential fashion accessories every woman needs

Can you even imagine a world without women? Absolutely not! Just the way we are incomplete without our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives, they too are incomplete without fashion. Fashion adds that much needed spice and glamour to our lives. In this fast pacing competitive world, it is necessary for everyone to groom themselves and be presentable on all occasions, no matter where we are headed to. And when it comes to being stylish and fashionable, girls have an edge over boys just because they have so many options to choose from. There are those must haves for every woman for different occasions and events which complete a lady. With exciting fashion accessories coupons available for online discounts and shopping, who would not like to dive in the ocean of fashion?

Here are ten essential Limeroad fashion accessories every woman needs.


There’s lot of stuff that women need to keep with them wherever they go. Be it their lipsticks and gloss or be it the keys to their apartment or personal sanitary, a big hand bag not only adds to your look but proves to be of great help in storing your essentials.


So what do you do when you have a bad hair day and still wish to go out some place nice? A scarf comes to your rescue in such situations. And even if you’re not having a bad hair day, a scarf if worn correctly can enhance your look in a big way. It all depends on how you carry it off. Scarves come in beautiful prints and patters and would only attract more and more eyeballs towards you.


One of the best ways to beat the heat and protect your eyes from direct sunlight while making yourself look super cool is to get yourself a lovely pair of sunglasses. They have been in vogue since always and will always be. Just go for the ones that suit your face shape and get set to rock.


It doesn’t matter if they are gold, silver or artificial, if they go well with your dress and make up, earrings can be your best bet to shine apart from the rest.  They are one of the most essential accessories you should have. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your ears pierced, there are a lot of options available and you can wear them without getting your ears pierced.

5.    WATCH

Although your phone works as a watch for you most of the time, wearing a watch would only add punk to your look. Those big dials can sometimes look really amazing. Just like sunglasses, watches too would never fade away from the world of fashion and style.


Give a woman a pair of high heels and she’s got her world. Imagining a lady without high heels is just impossible. However they may not be quite comfortable all the time In comparison to flats but if one needs to look good and make a mark, high heels is a good option.  You can judge a person from the shoes he wears. Heard that?


Complete your look with a classy finger ring and let your hands do the talking. It can be a big cocktail ring or it can be a cute little gold ring. Your take!


Ok so you don’t like earrings or fingerings but still want something to complete your look, try wearing a nice necklace and make a statement.  But don’t mix and match them with large earrings if you wish to avoid a fashion blunder.

9.    BELT

When you have a belt nothing could possibly go wrong with your attire. Belts are cool and hip. You can go for different options while choosing the one to go with your outfit. It could be a leather belt or it could be a colorful braided belt, whichever looks good with your jeans or shorts go for it.


Admit it. You can’t be comfortable in those high heels all the time and thus, a pair of comfortable ballet flats is a must have in your closet. They are not just comfortable and trendy they go with all kinds of dresses too.

So this was a small list of things that a woman needs to stylize her and get some heads to turn. You can buy these fashion accessories easily. There are a lot of options available online and one such great option is www.vouchercodes.in where you would find amazing accessories at discounted prices. You can use the coupon code and offers to make the most of it in the least price.

Go out and rock that look you woman!

Get special offers on online accessories for women, today

For a complete look, you may require quality accessories. Having all sorts of products at one store is quite difficult, but not impossible. With the help of the internet, you can find the best and renowned online stores having complete lady accessories online. Thus, all you need to place an online order and get your desired product, placed at your doorstep. Searching via internet is efficient and comfortable too. You can save valuable time and money by simply shopping from your home or any other place. Apart from that, for women such online store is an ideal hub to get all sorts of styling accessories at discounted rates, like no other. So, do not wait anymore shop your favorite one today.

The online store provide special offers on online accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, hair accessories, bracelets and many more. Their store is assorted with all exclusive collections that remain new and add an extra ordinary touch to your looks. In order to explore their latest collections, you can visit the store anytime. Moreover, every product which is displayed also has a brief description. By viewing such information, you can easily come to know about the product and select the best one, as per your specific requirements.

As per the latest fashion trends, they are committed and dedicated to provide the most fashionable accessories for women. All their ornaments are uniquely designed along with the usage of quality metals, stones and gems. Whether you are looking for a colorful jewelry or need something traditional, at their store you will get the best range of the jewelries, like no other. Apart from that, at their shop you can make the purchase confidently and hassle free too. Therefore, make your appeal elegant and beautiful by wearing such designer and stylish piece of jewels.

For theme events or beach parties, they also provide highest quality and exceptional range ofhair accessories for women. These hair accessories look stunning and complementary along with your attire as well as perfect for the special events. Gorgeous hair accessories will surely complete your style and make you center of attraction in the parties. To explore the entire collection of it, just check out the hair accessories section. Apart from that, the store also offers quality stationery products to customers at cost effective rates. This is why, they are a one stop shop and quite popular among various customers. So, place an order today!

Grab special offers on online women accessories, hair accessories for women and lady accessories online

Looking beautiful and always gorgeous is the desire of every lady. Therefore, girls now you can grab the special offers on online accessories that add an extra charm to your look and beauty as well. Whether it is necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants and hair accessories all you can buy online. Presently, many online stores are available offers amazing collections of women’s accessories. So, if you would like to look stunning in the parties or events just purchase your accessory online in a secure manner. But, if you are looking for the special offers and one stop store of women’s products then do some homework on internet. The internet is an effective yet useful resource through which you can easily find the reliable yet suitable stores.

Unlike other applications, finding the best and attractive as well as budget friendly hair accessories for women is quite difficult. Therefore, to get the best collections of hair accessories feel free to contact the leading service provides of the industry. They have been in this business for several years and providing exceptional range of collections at pocket friendly prices. Being a one stop online store, they carry all latest and durable collections which is ideal to wear on the special events. With them, you will be provided with the quality product line of watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and other stationery items. You can view such ultimate collection by simply browsing their online store. Moreover, you will be provided with the highest quality and outstanding collections that is also a perfect gift item to endow on any main event.

Apparently, if you would like to become a center of attraction or stand apart from the crowd then wear such stylish and designer necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You can find numerous variety and amazing designs which surely lures you to buy it. However, shoppinglady accessories online is extremely easy and hassle free with them. You can shop confidently and securely too. All you need to place an online order and you will get your product within few days. The stores provide prompt and secure shipment facility to customers. Therefore, shop beautiful and designer accessories in order to add an extra-ordinary touch to your looks. By wearing such marvelous piece of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, hair accessories and other accessories just grab the attention of people around you. So, get your desired accessory online and look gorgeous all the time. Additionally, customers who have any query related to their services, please feel free to contact them.

5 Fatal Fashion Mistakes That Petite Women Make

While your height may be an impediment that keeps you from looking like a fashion diva, it sometimes just comes down to what you wear.

Are you sure you’re not making the following fashion mistakes? We’ve taken the time out to highlight them so that you can avoid them!

Mistake 1: Too Tight Clothing

Body hugging outfits stretched around yourself might not be the ideal choice even for the slimmest of them. They tend to make you look too thin, and accentuate your petite body. Instead, opt for outfits that have a balanced fit, yet are comfortably loose.

Check out some stylish petite clothing right here.

Mistake # 2: Baggy Outfits!

Here’s an honest, straightforward fact straight out of the ramps: If you hide your stature in layer upon layer of clothes- either baggy tops or oversized tops- you are risking looking bigger. Big clothes on a petite body do not look good at all! Nobody wants to look bigger than what they are.

Mistake # 3: Over-sized Jewelery

Accessories are a great way to optimize your entire look. Put on a simple outfit add some great jewelry to obtain a chic look! However, remember to make sure that it complements you. Giant chains or oversized bracelets seem like they’re weighing you down. It just isn’t proportionate! Instead, go for some delicate, thin chains that add some personality to your look.

Mistake # 4: Bigger Ankle-Strap Shoes

Wearing big shoes is a big risk. Chunky heels tend to look bigger than your feet; especially the ones with the added ankle straps. These straps cut down the perceived size of your legs, making your legs appear shorter. The best shoe choice for petite women? Pointed flats and some chic stilettos!

Mistake # 5: Mid Calf Shoes, Capris, Dress!

We all need to work with what we got! You are beautiful just the way you are, but obtaining the perfect fit is the key to looking fabulous! Try to avoid mid calf shoes, dresses or capris. This includes your favorite capris, a loose summer dress, and especially, your mid calf shoes! Remember, either go for a very short attire or a long one!

Get Ready To Shop Online For Some XS And Small Clothing To Keep yourself From Making The Above Mentioned Mistakes

PetitePerfectFit.com is an online store dedicated to providing a stunning and stylish collection of XS and Small size clothing for women. The online store is based on the notion of “Proud to be Petite”, inspiring petite women to embrace their body type and dress up for a flattering look.

Variety in Fashion Women Sandals

Fashion is a very rare term having no limits and boundaries. People of different age groups, regions, locations and territories quote different definitions of fashion. But the most quoted around the world is new and updated style and stuff which is liked by most of the people is fashion. Fashion actually doesn’t have boundaries or limits. A renowned French designer Gabriele Bonheur aka Coco Chanel who died in 1971 says; ” Fashion Changes, but style endures. ”  At some other point she is of the view;” Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Fashion is a non stop continuous process.

It can make its way even in the most unfavorable conditions and situations. Fashion, when makes its way into shoe industry, there is a wide range of attires and styles that are  available in the market. Women and men have different wants and needs of footwear. Men are more interested in wearing the brands to look more professional. Women at their end normally likes  stylish and embellished shoes as they have to join different type of ceremonies. They usually wear different types of outfits for different types of ceremonies.


Fashion women sandals have a very wide range of styles and attires. These are available in different colors and hues. The decorated embellishments and glare of bridal sandals is the most desired factors of party sandals. At unze there is a wide range of attires and styles available to fulfill fashion needs. Coco chanel describes the female gender as “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” We have the best stuff in the town to turn you to chanel’s dream girl.

We have strap pointy toe heels having nicely carved heels, which give your personality an exciting new look. Heels pumps, stunning evening party heels, adorable toe kitten heel pumps, jeweled open toe sandals all are the trendiest and most demanded footwears. Dazzling party high heels, mid calf platform high heels are the most desirous choice to be worn in parties and gives outstanding looks. We have a wide range of products available to soothe your passion for fashion.

We have blended quality and price on the basis of our experience through the years. So our customers trust the durability of our products. Once someone uses our stuff becomes our regular customer because to us customers are our family.

Steal the red carpet style with fashion necklaces for women


Outfits are incomplete without the essential jewellery pieces. Choosing the right accessories can be tricky especially when you want your outfit to stand out. Whether you wear something fancy or a simple costume, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe other than some trendy jewellery. There are some tips to ensure that you are wearing the right amount of bling to make your appearance look best. Excess jewellery can sometimes be dangerous and end up making you look like a wannabe. When it comes to ladies, there is nothing more engulfing and ecstatic than wearing jewellery that makes you comfortable. You can wear various bracelets and fashion necklaces for women as they are garnering more demand among young ladies. A gorgeous ring, a jangly necklace, or some sparkly earrings add bling to your appearance.

It may be small or big, real or fake, understated or even over-the-top type of jewellery lifts the spirits. It also gives a fresh appearance. The colourful beads or chandelier earrings can be the perfect thing to make a simple outfit appear elegant and outstanding. Jewellery is a personal style statement that varies from one woman to another. Some may consider it to be their ancestral heritage, culture, and tradition and family heirlooms. It may be noticeable that some women prefer to load themselves with bangles and necklaces while others may choose to wear simple studs and brooches. It all finally comes down to what a woman would personally desire to wear and the particular occasion. Today, the style is such that women purchase fashion jewellery online at discounted prices and enjoy shopping for their favourite accessories. It is about bringing a sense of joy to your look.

On some instances, it is important to load yourself with sparkles that work well for a dinner or a formal event. But, you need to know how much to limit yourself. Buying trendy jewellery with unusual shapes, sizes, and textures has become the latest fad. An armful of bangles is a sign that you need to reduce the necklaces and keep your earring design minimalistic. Remember that fashionable pieces of jewellery have to be teamed with the right clothing. A ruffle-front blouse can look exceptionally beautiful with a slim chain and a small pendant rather than wearing a chunky ornate number.

Right from strands of pearls to bold and colourful beads, you can get a good deal with the different types of jewellery. These days, wearing trinkets that complement and match your personality is gaining more popularity. Rather than traditional designs, women are willing to experiment with contemporary and bold looks by creating their solo style statement. Based on the zodiac signs, women either treat it as a superstitious and astrological factor or they choose to wear such jewellery for a couture look. Hence, zodiac necklaces are clearly in rage among all women.

You can create your desired statement by choosing to purchase fashion jewellery onlineand flaunting them in style.

Amazing Dressing Ideas and Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Petite women do not always have to go with few fashion preferences. With the whole new uprising in custom clothing they too can wear what they want. They might not be able to wear anything from the rack but customization gives them freedom to select their own favorite dresses and order them in their dimensions.

Petite does not necessarily mean short and slim. It simply put across for women who are either 5’4 or under. So for petite dresses, clothing is done keeping that dimension in mind. Whether you are size sixteen or size zero, if you are shorter then petite dresses are worth a try. The dresses normally have slender shoulders and tiny inseams.

Despite such a great advancement of trends, there is still lot of issues finding right clothes for petite women. However with some research you can find dresses to comfort your body in a flattering way indeed. If you are a petite women and looking forward for astounding petite women dresses then you can have your dress according to your body size & height only at Lurap.com. They make each product by hand after receiving the order according to each individual body size measurement details and custom style preferences

There is a whole range of custom petite women dresses at Lurap for you. You can customize your dresses according to your dimensions and you have your dress at just a few clicks away from you. There are certain things in life, which we cannot change, and body size is one of them.

Gone are the days when everything would look good on someone tall only, it’s time where you can create and craft your fashion sense. At Lurap, there is a freedom to get custom petite women dresses in just a few simple steps. All you need is to select your dress, share your size details, place an order and get your dress right at your door.

The most important mantra in the fashion world is to wear everything with elegance and confidence. If you are a petite woman, you don’t have to wear dresses to look tall. Wear your style on your shoulders with brilliant custom petite women dressesfrom online store Lurap. Try to wear V-line clothes and avoid oversized bags. During the time of high colors in fashion, petite women should go for monochromatic to alleviate appearance.

Looking for the latest collection in petite women dresses? Lurap has a wide collection of custom dresses foe petite women. So, next time when you see your friends going gaga over your petite saga, startle them with your new fashion flair.

Top Tips for Women Fashion

Women with generous curves always find it difficult to find suitable clothes to your body, style and personality. The good news is that you are not doomed to dress in black for ever; with some special fashion tricks you’ll look like you always wanted.

Most important of all is that you feel good about yourself; the rest will only be a result of your state of mind. Once the inside is shining, the choice of clothing and clothing is only a practical question.

One goal of most women, what fashion is concerned, is to camouflage some parts of your body that are pleasing too. On the other hand, divert attention to your strengths is a pretty clever way to feel good under your own skin.

Then I leave a small manual for fashion tricks:

Mange and neck: If you want to hide plump arms, always choose clothes with sleeve, loose and flowing more preferably not squeezed when you move. Handkerchiefs, scarves and beautiful necklaces are great as draw attention to your neckline and divert attention from the other parties.

Jeans and heels: When you buy a cowboy jeans, always choose the darker tones and the challenge cut, leaving the hem touching the top of your feet; this simple trick will make you look thinner like magic. The sandals and heels are excellent allies to reduce your measurements as they give printing more thin legs and a sleeker silhouette. The heels should be proportionate to the body, when fatter you are, the thicker it should be your heels. If there is a classic in the fashion which will probably never be out, it’s the jeans. What was invented in the 1950s by Levi Strauss as sturdy work clothes for the gold rush in San Francisco has become fashionable perennial favorite. The substance remains the same, only the shapes and cuts are changing. There were the shock jeans skinny jeans and high waist jeans and today sets probably nobody in jeans to “enter” into the bathtub. Currently, although the tight jeans are not out, but a lot of hip are currently in women the so-called “boyfriend jeans”. These jeans are, as the name suggests, cut as if they were men’s jeans. Pants that we women could have stolen even our friend out of the closet. Especially this year comes to still the trend, he “Ripped Jeans”, thus the broken and tattered, the better. The subtle crack on the knee is given way to large holes and the fashion is among us contributed to very high and delicate shoes.

Tunics and leggings: This type of blouse is perfect to hide your trunk points, takes the cold season to mix with dark leggings. Always buy items from your exact size to avoid leftovers provide more visual volume.

Most essential tips:

Stripes: vertical always be your best friends, they sharpen the silhouette.

I eaves: this type of cut conceals hips and thick legs while marking his waist and favor the silhouette

Necklines: all chubby women have breasts and a nice neck; take advantage of this resource and the sexy necklines.

Crazora is online shoping store for best women cloths if you want more tips and trick on fashion keep comming back.

The Fashion Sense of Ladies Leather Jackets & leather Bags

It might noise strange yet if you’re not style aware now-a-days, you could be missing out a lot of goods that you experienced. Fashion isn’t just some sort of word for women; this is a style icon of which every woman desires to take part in. Regardless of your age is actually, it is depend on your moods of interest, you may like formal or casual but today all have a style sense of humor. And ladies jackets & bags is the greatest style symbol now a days, both jackets and bags can boost the personality & charmless to attract anyone. According to the profession & occasion, ladies purse carrying style may vary according to the situations.

Daily stuff luggage variety for women is a crucial a part of this fashion parade, yet it isn’t merely in connection with style. Having a suitable bag according to your profession is often a requirement. By far the most very popular bag will be the shoulder bag. But ladies jackets they wear & the way they carry it, is the most authentic symbol of their awareness of fashion sense.

Buckskin outdoor leather jackets for women look very hot all of which will generally look very hot!! There is nothing additional very hot and attractive than the usual black household leather jacket. If you feel your current fashion and style is getting way too standard and boring start being active .You can add some sort of black designer leather jacket on your clothing & spruce it up..!! Women have an option to use some series of leather jacket for party, night out, clubbing, dinner along beloved or even a motorbike experience with your sweetheart. The designer leather jacket having black denim can be a strike but also you can put it on having any other tinted denim jean,& you will steel all charm with your attractive & hot presence definitely.

Selecting a suitable shoulder tote which assists your current purpose may be quite difficult. It could actually be difficult for the inexperienced ladies too. Its variety might be determined by various elements much like the purpose you choose your handbag in addition to in line with the body and frame measurements of the shape. These types of shoulder tote have to be preferred which words of flattery your style in addition to way of living of the shopper.

So be careful before choosing your jackets & hand bag accessories because it may either increase your beauty or may destroy your charm & personality. it’s all depends on you how you worn the cloths & the way, carry your tote. There are a variety of women bags & jackets in market to attract the people. You have to understand the importance of your fashion sense & improve it time to time.

Tallit a fashion choice for women with tradition

Tallit is a traditional shawl worn by Jews while they pray. This is normally made with wool or linen and it comes in silk, cotton also. Worn over normal clothes this shawl is fringed knotted, ritually worn with religious compulsion when praying. Tzitzit is a kind of knot tied in four corners of the shawl, which is a reminder of important Jewish history.

Why traditionally Woolen

In extreme heat the cottons one wears becomes sticky on the body and damp layers don’t goes off easily. In these conditions, contrary to normal understanding wool has few benefits.

  • Cools body when moisture is gone off the body
  • Insulates the body, heat or cold does not pass through, this is the reasons Arabs wear woolen attire in extreme heat too.
  • Durability of wool vouches for longer life.

Desert natives tend to use wool as habit, this is the reason this shawl in wool had been preferred from ages. But the with the changing time lot of things have changed in the world.

Women’s Tallit sale- Jewish women’s prize possession is Tallit a fashion choice with tradition, as they are more spiritual and devoted to their religion. Wearing this shawl is a ritual for modern women who wear these shawls in variety of designs which is a mix of modern designing and traditional outfit. Nowadays these shawls come in variety of colors and different materials like Silk, Organza, Linen, cotton and other synthetic fabric.  These shawls are available on websites as per design displays and different sizes with rates.

Two colors Pink & Purple are more popular with women today, which are made of Silk and other viscose material which fits nicely on attire they wear. All women can wear this from Bat Mitzvah upwards. Online orders will be delivered to you packed in plastic case, which will help you to store the shawl for longer life.

Online Tallit sale

Traditional woolen shawls are still in great demand and is available in black stripe, blue striped and cool white. Most of the woolen shawl manufacturers are based in Israel. Ordering shawls from Israel based store guarantees you of bargain price and quality. There are few alternatives of small design options too. White neck band can be found in all shawls which are embroidered with diamond and embroidered designs. Prayer time shawl is made with neck band or Atara which is available in stripes and other light designs too.

Benefits of online orders

Fashionable Tallits sale online is a task which has multiple options of designs, fabrics price and home delivery. Few points highlighted are sure to click for agreement.

  • Selection choice online is vast, with display of colors and designs as per size can be offered.
  • Easing out of rates, as this market is competitive, the rates offers are attractive.
  • The ordered goods can be delivered anywhere one lives where easy access is difficult to have.
  • Websites are the bigger market place than traditional markets.
  • Mostly the shawls are manufactured in Israel but available through online websites anywhere.

Get the all-round Fashion clothes for women to enhance the beauty

Women love to wear clothes, clothes of various varieties and look. You might have often seen that in spite of the fact that a woman’s wardrobe is full with clothes they tend to feel that those are not enough. With the changing times and fashion the style in clothes and look tend to change. This is when the fashionable clothes for women come in to play. These kinds of clothes are made to look good on them.

The types of fashionable clothes that is available:

When it comes to the fashion clothes for women then there are so many options to choose from. The Clothes that the women tend to wear are made to keep in pace with the ever changing fashion scenario and this is the reason that choice of clothes for women change in every season. But still there are fashion clothes for women that are always in demandirrespective of the time. be it the 70’s or the 80’s or even the present 2015 dungrees are among those kinds of clothing that is available for women that has been in the fashion for a long time now.

Also a little black dress or a crop top is equally in demand for the choices that it offers. You can choose from the wide variety and designs and also look when it comes down to such clothing. There are various options in the top section which you can choose which change but not that much. This present age offers dresses and clothes that are unique and looks good on women of all kinds of figures such as the maxi dress. Such dresses are available in all the markets are very popular among the customers.

If you have been thinking of trying the maxi dresses then you definitely should because such dresses are made in such a way that they can change the look in seconds of wearing them. But it is essential on the part of the individual to find an appropriate company so as to buy such clothing especially on the internet.

Choosing the company:

There are several companies that you can find in the internet world and all these companies make it a point to offer the best to the customers. The company makes sure that they are in fashion and whatever they offer are the best for the customers. The website that such companies have, displays the collection and by going through the collection you can decide on the clothes that you want for yourself.

But it is up to as a customer to decide as to which company to go with from so many options that are available in the market. You can do your research on the company and then only decide whether to go with them because always remember that this is company that sells clothes and when it is about clothes then quality is all that matters which can change the whole equation.

Popular Engagement ring by fashion rings for women

“I’ve invariably thought of accessories as results of the punctuation of a woman’s outfit.” MichaelKors. ladies fashion jewellery adds to swish low degree one issue to every outfit.

The best issue relating to fashionable jewellery women (for women for girls for girls)) for ladies is that it permits women to want risks with their look academic degree outfits without worrying of constructing associate endeavour new things, giving women everywhere the probability to create your mind on prime of things of knickknack that best work their personal styles.

In European cultures the foremost common sorts of Jewelry have persisted since past, whereas whole entirely wholly totally different forms like adornments for the nose or mortise joint, necessary in many cultures, unit torrential less common. Historically, the foremost widespread influence on Jewelry in terms of fashion and magnificence unit found at intervals the Asian continent. In most cultures Jewelry unit generally understood as a standing image, for its material properties, its patterns, or for important symbols. Patterns of sporting Jewelry between the sexes, and by youngsters and older people can vary greatly between cultures, but adult ladies unit the foremost consistent wearers.

Jewelry it’s one in every of the oldest sorts of archeologically object analysis back regarding one one,000 years-old beads ready-made from Nassarius shells thought to be the oldest acknowledged jewellery.

Fashion rings for women incorporate little or no ornamental things worn for private embellishment, like brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Jewellery is in addition connected to the body or the garments, and so the term is restricted to sturdy ornaments. For several centuries metal, generally combined with gemstones, has been the quality material for jewellery, however totally (different completely entirely (different totally wholly (different fully completely different completely different))) completely different) totally different materials like shells and different plant materials is in addition used.

Humans have used jewelry for variety of various reasons

• Functional, typically to repair consumer goods or hair in situ, or to inform the time (in the case of watches)

• As a marker of standing social station social rank (rank status position) and private status, like a marriage ring

• As a word of some variety of affiliation, whether or not ethnic, non secular or social

• To give supernatural protection (in the shape of amulets)

• As an inventive show

• As a carrier or image of private which means – like love, mourning, or perhaps luck?

Most cultures at some purpose have had a observe of keeping large amounts of wealth keep within the style Rings for ladies.

Most modern business jewellery continues ancient forms and designs, however recently designers such have widened the conception of wearable art. Among the mind frame trendy modern of fashionable) of trendy jewellery for women the “jewelry as art” has become a widespread permitting additional and much of purchase of stylish fashion jewellery.

The best issue with regard to women fashion jewellery is that it permits women to want risks with their look and outfits without concern of constructing degree endeavour new things, giving women all over the prospect to make your mind up to the mark things of knickknack that best work their personal styles.

Many things of knickknack, like brooches and buckles, originated as strictly helpful things, but evolved into decorative things as their helpful demand diminished.

However somewhat trip into history tells North yank country simply that Trendy fashion jewelry is and has invariably been an area of being feminine. Accessorizing in such the only technique sometimes permits women to remodel their outfits, add somewhat sparkle and categorical their styles. Even several therefore once it involves fashionable jewellery for girls that may be designed notably to travel with positive outfit or categorical a personal vogue.

Fashion Tips And Style Advice For Women

So you are the woman with generous curves and always find it difficult to choose a good dress for your body.  The good news is that you can find clothes that are fashionable with some special fashion tricks and that could suit your body, style and personality.

Always feel special and good about yourself. Once you are shining in the inside, the clothing will remain a practical question. Your goal should be what fashion is the right concern, searching for clothes that fit you properly and make the most of your curves, accented with eye-catching accessories. Always feel awesome under your own skin, flaunt your curves instead of hiding them. Build a wardrobe that works for YOU – your body figure, coloring, lifestyle and personal taste.

Let me leave a small menu of fashion tips for women :

Color : The women with the generous curves often think that black is the only option for them but it’s not true.  Go for the colors whatever you like, the dark colors can create slimming effect in your body and make your wardrobe interesting from boring. Wearing the whole outfit in one color is also a good choice.

Fabric :  Finding the right fabric will make all the difference. Neither choose the fabric that  makes you look bulkier nor the skinny tight, this idea is great help.

Right Print : Stick to smaller prints than bigger one’s, this will create the illusion of having a better shape. The cut should also be non fussy to create clean lines.

Jeans and Heels: So ladies, just buy a cowboy jeans, choose the darker tones and the challenge cut, leaving the hem touching the top of your feet; this simple trick will make you look thinner. The sandals and heels are excellent allies to reduce your measurements.

Tunics and leggings: Curvy women look best when they wear leggings underneath tunics.Wearing long top hit below the hips is the safe styling choice.

Most essential tips:

Necklines:  The chubby women have breasts and a nice neck; take advantage of such a shape to look good. Find a dress that has attractive neckline or buy a dress that fit well across the breasts.

Thicker Waistline:  Wearing the dresses with draped waistline or buying empire style dresses tends to make the waist and tummy are look smaller than it is.

Legs : Over sized women have good legs . Wearing a nicely fitted short skirts or dresses with a draped  waistline make you feel good . You can also wear a pencil skirt.

’80s Clothing Styles for Girls


From leg warmers to crimped hair, the ’80s were a time for bold and unapologetic fashion. Girls wore clothing that was usually bright, sometimes neon, and occasionally strayed from the form-fitting outfits of earlier decades. In fact, oversized shirts and layered socks ruled in the 1980’s. Critics of this righteous decade’s fashions abound. They claim that many of the fashions were unflattering and haven’t stood the test of time. But make no mistake, the fashions were fun and dramatically set this decade apart from the rest.

Leg Warmers

  • In the ’80s, a pair of leg warmers could probably be found in every girl’s dresser. This didn’t mean that every girl was into dancing or ballet, just that it was the must-have look. These huge, thick, footless socks came in all colors, and after the hit movie “Flashdance” premiered, every girl had to have a pair.
     In the early ’80s, leg warmers were everywhere.

Big Jewelry

  • From funky and chunky abstract necklaces to huge cross earrings, it was “the bigger, the better” when it came to jewelry in the ’80s. Not only did jewelry have to be prominent, there had to be lots of it. Madonna can be credited for pioneering this layered jewelry look. She piled on the bracelets and necklaces in her videos, and she went overboard with accessories in the ’80s movie “Desperately Seeking Susan.”
     Big earrings were hot accessories.

Baggy Tops and Sweaters

  • Fashionistas in the ’80s wore baggy tops and sweaters. The tops were oversized and usually shapeless and sometimes showed a little shoulder. This way, tops could be layered over a tank and maybe even a third top underneath. For chic ’80s gals who wanted the baggy-top look, the bat-wing sweater was an excellent choice. Fitted at the waist and wrists, it provided plenty of fabric in between, giving an extended arm a winglike appearance.

Mini Skirts

  • In contrast to the layered jewelry and baggy tops and sweaters, girls kept skirts short and simple in the ’80s. Extremely short. The mini skirt was in, and the perfect mini skirt was tight and bright and sometimes paired with leg warmers. The girls of the ’80s wanted to show off their gams or that new pair of funky tights, and mini skirts showcased them best.


  • Priced at around a buck each, just about every girl had a pair of Jellies. These clear plastic PVC shoes were shiny and sometimes decorated with glitter. They still can be found at stores for about the same price.

How to Compare Girls Plus Sizes with Junior Sizes


Juniors 7 and 9 Conversions

  • A juniors size 7 fits a 30 1/2-inch bust, 24-inch waist and 33 1/2-inch hips. Someone who can wear this size may fit into a girls plus size 8 1/2 or 10 1/2.

    A juniors size 9 fits a 32-inch bust, 25-inch waist and 35-inch hips. Someone able to wear that size may fit into a girls plus size 10 1/2 or 12 1/2.

Juniors 11 and 13 Conversions

  • A juniors size 11 fits a 33 1/2-inch bust, 26-inch waist and 36 1/2-inch hips. This size is similar to a girls plus size 14 1/2.

    A juniors size 13 fits a 35-inch bust, 27-inch waist and 38-inch hips. Someone who can wear this size 13 may fit into a girls plus size 16 1/2.


  • Juniors sizes and girls plus sizes vary by store. Because girls plus sizes are intended for children, pants in those sizes may be shorter than pants in juniors sizes, which are intended for a height of 5 feet 4 inches or 5 feet 5 inches.

How to Dress Your Teen Girl Appropriately

By the time they’re teenagers, girls may be shopping for clothes with their friends instead of you. They may even be paying for that clothing with their own money. While one way to get your teen daughter to dress in a manner that is not overly revealing is to start shopping with her again, other methods — including teaching her about respect and dress codes — may have to come into play as well.

Is It Worth the Fight

  • As the parent of a teenager, you’ve probably already learned to pick your battles, and that will certainly help you now. Before you react negatively to every fashion choice your teen daughter is making, ask yourself whether it’s really all that big of a deal, suggests psychotherapist Joanne Stern in “Psychology Today.” If she’s wearing something that looks ridiculous to you, but really isn’t inappropriate, you could be better off simply letting the matter rest and waiting for her to outgrow the phase, says Stern.

Lean on School Dress Codes

  • In some cases, you might have another ally on your side: the dress code at your daughter’s school. Get a copy of the school’s student handbook and look for any information in it regarding what’s appropriate and what’s not. It might include rules about hemlines, spaghetti straps or other dress features. If you find anything that can help your cause, review it with your daughter and let her know you expect her to follow the rules. If she still doesn’t comply, have a discussion with a school counselor or any leaders who enforce the school policy to ask them for help.

Positive Body Image

  • Educating your daughter in a compassionate, open way can also help. In the modern world, girls are sexualized by other girls, as well as by adults around them, says the American Psychological Association. One big way to help your daughter is to teach her about how women are objectified and sexualized in society. Have a conversation about how women and girls are portrayed in advertising, and how that can lead girls to believe their bodies are their only asset, suggests the APA. Help your daughter find good role models by enrolling her in a girl-positive social club, buying empowering women’s magazines, or finding local lectures or radio and TV programs that discuss women’s portrayal in society. Also consider whether you’re being a good role model by the way you dress and act. In some cases, girls who dress provocatively are imitating their mothers or others around them.

Go Shopping with Her

  • Armed with some knowledge, your daughter might begin to make better choices — but if you’re still having trouble, you do have the power to restrict how your money is spent. If your daughter makes her own money, it might be difficult for you to keep her from buying what she wants — which is why education is important. When you’re holding the purse strings, however, it’s a different story. You have the power to avoid shopping at stores known for objectification of women, or ones known to sell inappropriate clothing. Also recognize that you don’t have to be the only one to work on this problem. Grandparents, your child’s father, and other aunts, uncles and trusted friends can be sources of support and encouragement. Encourage those helpful people not to lecture your daughter, but to look for those teachable moments during which they can have a discussion about what’s appropriate and how to help your daughter respect herself.

Girls’ Clothing in the Early 1900s


If girls living in the early 1900s could fast forward their lives to 2011, they would be totally shocked by fashions and styles. Pants were practically unheard of for girls, and dresses reached the knee. As the girls got older, the lengths of dresses got longer. Clothes were designed for total modesty, with high collars, long sleeves and long skirt lengths. Though fabrics came in a variety of colors, white cotton was popular for girls of all ages.

School Clothing

  • Sailor and middy-style blouses were popular for school attire among young girls during the early 1900s. Shirtwaist dresses were also worn by teenage girls. A popular school outfit was the Russian Tunic with pleated skirts. Outerwear consisted of thigh length, double-breasted jackets with buttons or single breasted single hook closures. Ruffles adorned collars and cuffs of long-sleeved blouses. Dresses cinched in at the waistline or dropped slightly below. A blue, cotton chambray skirt with a white blouse was another school uniform for girls.

Dress Clothing

  • Girls wore suits with long jackets and skirts with side pleats, often made of surge or percale, in basic black, navy and white. To dress up this plain outfit, sheer blouses with accordion pleats were added for party time. Teenage girls loved dressing up in long dresses of bold prints when going out in the evening. Party time blouses and dresses were often adorned with hand embroidery. To dress up plain color dresses, pre-teen girls added bright color sashes that fell at the waist or slightly below.


  • Undergarments were a major part of young girl’s outfits and included undershirts, bloomer pants and slips. Knee-high socks in cotton, silk or wool, held up by garters, were worn with all outfits. Some of the cotton drawers worn by young girls were split down the middle, for ease of using outhouses. Lacy, cotton chemises went over undershirts and snapped at the shoulders. Girls wore petticoats, generally white, cotton batiste trimmed in lace.


  • Earrings during the early 1900s were made expressly for pierced ears; they were simple in design and appropriate for young girls. Girls of all ages wore gloves; warm, wool ones were worn during the winter and cotton or thin leather was worn during the warmer months. Hats with wide brims made a fashion statement for all seasons. They were often composed of straw; sporting a suntan was not fashionable. Beret style hats gained popularity with teenage girls during the early 1900s. Very young girls wore knitted and cotton bonnets. Girls dressed up their hair with ribbons, flowers and bows.


  • Young girls wore ballet style shoes made of satin and leather two-strap sandals. Canvas lace-up shoes with ties of large filmy bows were popular with pre-teen girls. Teenage girls wore shoes with moderately high heels, that they slipped into, buttoned or laced. They reached the ankle or just below. Shoes were never worn without socks.

How to Convert Children’s Clothing Size to Junior

How to Convert Children's Clothing Size to Junior

Shopping for the preteen or young teen girl can be a challenge. The children’s department can be filled with clothes deemed too young by the adolescent girl. Clothes found in such chains as Forever 21 and Wet Seal or in department store junior departments tend to be trendier and can be less expensive than their children’s department counterparts. While standard children’s sizes run in even numbers, from 2 through 14 or 16, junior department sizes run in odd numbers from 0 through 13 or commonly in XS (extra small) through L (large.) Junior department selections are suitable for a slightly curvier figure.

Standard U.S. SizingMeasure chest, waist and hips to determine correct size in either children’s or junior clothing. Chest measurement is found by using a measuring tape around highest part of chest, passing tape around underarms. Arms should be relaxed at size. Waist measurement should be taken at waist parallel to floor. Hip measurements should be at widest point of hip, also parallel to floor.

Standard U.S. SizingConvert children’s size chart below to junior sizes. Children’s sizes 12 through 14 are basically equivalent to junior sizes. Occasionally, children’s sizes are available in 16, which also can be converted to a junior size. Junior sizes fit better on a curvier figure than do children’s sizes.

Chest, 30.5 inches; waist, 25.5 inches; hips, 32.5 inches: children’s size 12; junior size 1 or XS

Chest, 32 inches; waist, 26.5 inches; hips, 34.5: children’s size 14; junior size 3 or S.

Chest, 33.5 inches; waist, 27.5 inches; hips, 36.5 inches: Children’s size 16; junior size 5 or M.

Standard U.S. SizingVisit several junior apparel stores to determine actual sizing. Pants and jeans might be more difficult to fit because junior sizes are longer than children’s sizes. Junior sizes are fit based on a height of 5 feet, 4 inches or 5 feet, 5 inches.

How to Convert Girls’ Clothing Sizes to Ladies’


When you’re drowning in your clothes, despite the XXS or size 0 label, it’s time to look for some alternatives to the womens’ department.

Petites Isn’t Perfect

Shopping when you’re smaller than average can lead to some unique complications — and not just in terms of trouser length. The petites section in any women’s clothing store has the vertically challenged covered, but it sure doesn’t help those who are more slender than the average American woman. Measurements in petite sizes, save for length, typically correspond closely with regular women’s measurements.

Teen Sizing

Many slight-bodied women opt to shop in the junior or teen department, because juniors’ sizing is based on a less curvy figure with a smaller bust and lower waist-to-hip size difference. However, you may dislike the trendy styles available in juniors’ or simply wish to broaden your options. That leaves girls’ sizes, which range from ages 7 to 18.

Older girls of average size can usually shop in girls’, juniors’ and sometimes the lower sizes of the women’s department. You may find yourself doing quite the same thing to round out your wardrobe.

How Girls’ Sizing Compares Women’s

Girls’ sizes are far less curvaceous than women’s, based on the expectation of developing, not developed, bodies. Outside of plus sizing, slender limbs may also be assumed.

Size charts for girls’ clothing will not list a bust measurement, but instead a chest measurement. Some clothing charts do not address the chest area at all.

How Do I Find My Size in Girls’?

In general, you will likely be looking in L to XXL sizes — at the higher end of the girls’ range. Because there is no strictly followed industry standard for pairing a numerical clothing size with body measurements, you’ll have to make your own size conversions within specific brands.

For example:

  • For many brands, a women’s size 0 or XS features a bust size of about 32 inches, a waist size of about 25 inches and a hip size of about 35 inches. In juniors’, this is similar to a size 3.
  • In girls’, these measurements may correspond most closely to anywhere from a size 14 to a size 18, depending on the brand. Some brands list a size 14 with chest measurements of 33 inches, waist measurements of 27 inches and hip measurements of 33 inches. Other brands list similar measurements for a size 18.

Make sure you can find size charts with detailed measurements for the brand you’re shopping for, especially when ordering clothing online.

How to Help Teen Girls Choose Modest Clothes

According to a report from researchers at Ohio’s Kenyon College, close to 30 percent of the clothing at 15 of the most popular kids’ clothing stores had some sort of sexualizing characteristics — meaning the clothing may have been cut suggestively or had sexually suggestive writing. Your best judgment is going to be key in keeping your daughters from wearing that type of clothing, but education and monitoring are also going to be important factors.

Where to Shop

  • Do your research and find shopping centers that offer shops with more modest clothing. Ask other parents or teens who wear appropriate clothing; they may be in the know about some hidden gems you weren’t aware of. That might also include websites that have appropriate clothing.
  • Visit the independent stores and locally sourced boutiques in your area, which often offer unique styles. For example, you might look for individual boutiques downtown instead of going to the local shopping mall with chain stores.
  • Check out department stores that focus on people of all ages. The idea here is to divert her attention. Department stores might also have suggestive clothing geared toward teens, but they’ll also have clothing for adult women, which you might be able to bring out when your daughter is trying on something that is less-than-appropriate.
  • Refuse to buy clothing that you consider inappropriate for your teen. Be firm about this topic and be ready to walk out of a store if your daughter has a teen tantrum or makes a scene about a specific outfit.
  • Compliment your daughter when she chooses clothing that is appropriate. It may take some time to settle on a style that you both like — and that’s where patience is going to come into play.

Encouraging Better Habits

  • Take a look at what you are wearing, and do your best to avoid the attire you don’t want your child wearing.
  • Expose your daughters to positive role models in the media. For example, avoid buying them magazines that feature scantily clad girls or women. Instead, look for magazines that feature positive role models and feminist or girl-positive views. Encourage friendships with girls who have high self-esteem and whose parents are on board with fostering a healthy self-respect. Remind your daughters that their best features are not their breasts or legs, but their personalities and brains.
  • Watch TV and movies with your daughter, and talk to her about the effects of sexualization and objectification of women and girls. Whenever you and your daughter are exposed to an inappropriate picture, TV show or movie scene that shows women in sexualized clothing — such as a female scientist wearing a low-cut blouse and high heels — talk to her about objectification of women and how it can lead to low self-esteem, eating disorders or other problems.

Facts About Pioneer Girls Clothing for Ages Six & Seven


The clothing that pioneer men, women and children wore in 1800s America reflected the hard work that was required on a daily basis at that time. While the style of clothing for pioneer children differed somewhat from their adult family members, the purpose–comfort, ease of movement and durability–remained the same.


  • Young girls wore underclothes similar to their mothers’; the underclothes were made of white cotton or linen. Underclothes included a chemise or shift, knee-length drawers and wool stockings in white or black.


  • Most pioneer girls would only own about two or three dresses; for most families, money and supplies were dear. One or two dresses would be reserved for play, work or school; one would be saved for Sundays and other special occasions. These dresses were typically made from cotton or muslin. For young girls around 6 years of age, the skirt would fall to just below the knee.


  • Most girls would wear aprons while working or doing household tasks. The aprons were often in a “pinafore” style, which was an apron that covered the dress from the chest area down over the skirt. Aprons were essential because they were easier to mend and clean, and this prolonged the life of girls’ dresses.


  • For young pioneer girls, head-coverings were essential when working or playing outdoors. Girls and women usually wore cotton bonnets to protect their heads and necks from the sun and wind.


  • Children commonly went barefoot in the summer. A child might only own one pair of shoes because they could be costly for families. Women and girls wore narrow, lace-up leather boots. Young girls’ boots were commonly flat, particularly the boots for hard-working pioneer children.

How to Coordinate Twin Girls Clothing

Twin girls can be double the fun when it comes to creating outfits and adorable ensembles. While it can certainly be entertaining to dress your little girls exactly alike, it’s also wise to dress them differently from time to time, especially if others have a hard time telling them apart. Instead of making them wear identical outfits, coordinate your twin girls’ clothes instead.

  • Choose the same outfit in different colors. Perhaps one twin could wear pink leggings and a black top while the other twin could wear purple leggings and a white top. You might have both girls wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that has a similar style and print but in different colors
  • Purchase clothing that is designed to be mixed and matched. Choose a selection of pants, shorts, skirts or leggings in a variety of colors for each child and then buy a t-shirt or top to coordinate with each bottom. This way your twin girls will have several outfits to choose from and the colors and styles will be similar enough that they’ll always coordinate.
  • Think opposites when it comes to your twin girls’ clothes. Dress one in black pants and an orange top and the other in orange pants and a black top or one in a blue dress with polka dot tights and one in a polka dot dress with blue tights. This will allow them to dress in similar colors without looking exactly like the other.
  • Accessorize with coordinating items. If you dress both girls in a black dress, for example, add a headband, barrette or other hair accessory in bright blue for one girl and bright yellow for the other girl. Different colored tights, socks and belts will set each girl apart from the other.

How to Measure Women’s & Girls Clothing Sizes

Knowing your clothing size before you go shopping saves you the time it takes to try on clothes that would never fit you. It also keeps you from getting disappointed by trying on clothing that turns out to be far out of your size range. Women’s and girls’ clothing offers thousands of choices in each size. Find the right size by taking measurements and comparing them to a sizing chart.

Women’s Clothing Sizes

  • Use a tape measure to help a woman find her size. Begin a list for her measurements. Write the following words: bust, waist, hip, sleeve, inseam and height. Put a blank beside each word to fill in as you measure. Have the woman stand up wearing comfortable underwear. Use the tape measure loosely enough to put a finger between it and the body.
  • Measure the bust, waist and hips. Measure the bust at the fullest part, on a circle parallel to the floor.
  • Measure the waist at the natural waistline, the point where the body naturally curves in, or about where your slacks usually reach when you are wearing pants that are not low-riders.
  • Measure the hips at their fullest point at a circle parallel to the floor. SYMS: Educated Consumers Dress to Achieve suggests that you use the hip measurement for sizing if your hips fall two or more sizes higher on the sizing chart than your waist.
  • Have the woman stand with arm bent slightly. Measure the arm from center of neck to shoulder tip to elbow to wrist. This is the sleeve length.
  • Have the woman stand with her back against a wall and measure her height from the floor to the top of her head. Have her get out a pair of her best-fitting slacks and measure the inner leg seam to get the inseam measurement.
  • Use a sizing chart to match up the measurements on the list you made to the sizes of the clothing you are buying. Choose the measurement to use based on the type of clothing, if the measurements do not fit into one size. Tops and dresses go by bust size, pants go by waist and hip size. A good women’s clothing size chart can be found at Wmsclothing.com/sizing.html.

Girls Clothing Sizes

  • Set up a chart to write down measurements. List the following words: chest, waist, hips,weight, back-waist length and height.
  • Have the girl dress in underwear and stand straight with arms to the sides. Use the tape measure to measure around the chest at shoulder blade level. Measure the waist at the point where the waist nips in, or at the point where pants would normally ride on the girl. Measure her around the fullest part of the hips.
  • Take the back-waist measurement from the bones where the neck meets the body to the center of the waist. Take the height measurement as you usually would, with the girl standing up against a wall. Measure her height from floor to the top of her head.
  • Weigh the girl and write her weight down on the list you have made, along with the measurements. Use a sizing chart to match up the measurements you have taken to the size you will buy. Target.com has a helpful chart with girls’ sizes, on its website.

Girly Things to Do in London


If you want a place where you can let your hair down and embrace what it means to be a girl, London is a great place to start. A fashion center of the world, London is also home to glamorous clubs, noted shopping, spas, restaurants and theaters. What more could a girl want?

Settle In

  • London is a common destination for bachelorette parties and ladies nights out (or hen parties, as they are known locally). Many hotels offer packages for visitors looking to spend some time with the girls, including snacks and drinks. A luxury hotel or a charming bed and breakfast are perfect bases of operations for your girl’s time out and about in London. Once you’re all settled in, try something wild. In London, you can let your inner bad girl out to play at Rock n Roll Pole, where you can learn the art of the strip tease and the pole dance. Girls with an inner cheerleader may prefer the Cheerleader Experience, where you and a group of friends will learn and perform a basic routine over an hour and a half. Practice pom poms are yours to keep, and the best performer gets a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

Clothes and More Clothes

  • In a city like London, it’s easy to spend an entire day devoted just to clothes. Start your day at the Fashion and Textile Museum and take in exhibits on the history of clothes, how fabrics are created and collections of famous designers. Kensington Palace features an exhibit with displays dedicated to the fashion of Princess Diana, and the Museum of London has an ongoing Dress and Fashion exhibition. Of course, all the displays are just a warm up for the real deal, which is shopping in boutiques in London’s many fashionable shopping areas, including Piccadilly, Mayfair and Knightsbridge.


  • There’s no better way to end a girl-centric day than with spa treatment. Treat yourself (and your friends, if you like) to wraps, mud, soaks, massage, and other pampering treatment. London is home to innumerable spas, many of them located in London’s finer hotels, but one excellent choice for celebrities and everyday girls alike is Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden. From manicures and pedicures to massage and exfoliation, Sanctuary specializes in using ancient techniques in a modern, soothing setting.

How to Fix a London Fog Umbrella That Will Not Retract

Umbrellas help you stay dry on a wet day or escape the summer sun, but umbrellas that will not retract are a problem to carry and store. While you could toss these unruly accessories away without a second thought, those who have purchased an expensive umbrella, such as those produced by London Fog, may prefer to seek a more economic solution and fix it at home.

  • Examine the interior of the umbrella to locate the source of the problem. Start at the bottom and carefully depress the bottom spring, the protruding piece that keeps the shaft extended.
  • Manually depress the top spring, the triangular bar that keeps the upper part of the shaft straight. Apply lubricant to the top spring and flex it in and out if it feels stiff.
  • Slide the runner, the cylinder that slides up and down the shaft. Try to push it up and extend the umbrella all the way. Depress the top spring while pulling the runner down to see if the problem is a sticky runner. Clean the shaft and apply lubricant to the runner.
  • Grasp a stretcher; this is the jointed bar that folds when the umbrella is closed. Test the joint while attempting to close the umbrella; a jammed stretcher will appear out of alignment and may produce a faint grinding sound when moved.
  • Use pliers to bend the stretcher back into place.

How to Follow “What Not to Wear” Style Rules


Fans of TLC’s hit reality personal fashion show, “What Not to Wear” and/or the fashion forward hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly deserve to know the secrets of dressing your best. The hosts authored a book entitled “Dressing Your Best” that shares secrets for finding the best outfits for your body type and style. The integral style rules that Stacy and Clinton teach can have you looking your best no matter what the occasion.

  • Know your body type according to height and proportions. Are you relatively petite/short, average height or tall? Are you heavier on the bottom, heavier on the top or is your weight proportionately distributed? Stacy and Clinton instruct you to recognize your current body type (not what you want it to be) and to play up your best attributes (such as a smaller waist, longer legs, full bust, etc.) when you dress.
  • Choose colors that don’t wash out or exaggerate your skin tone. Dark colored skin shouldn’t wear colors that are of similar hues and pale colored skin looks extreme in dark colors. Try on brights, lights, darks and pay attention to the severity or the serenity of your skin’s tone in matching these shades. You also want to find clothes in colors that don’t clash with your hair.
  • Accessorize. The most simple, even boring outfit can make you shine with the right accessories. From handbags to shoes to earrings to scarves, the outfit extras can create a polished, attractive, stylish look. When purchasing accessories, evergreen is the key. You want to buy items that you will be able to wear with multiple outfits. When you dress, rather than trying to match, such as the dreaded matching your shoes to your purse fiasco, try to create one image. Choose pieces that have the same attitude, mood or tone, such as a chunky wedge heel and a studded belt and/or purse. Accessories are less about matching each other and more about matching your look, so make it your goal to top off an outfit with cohesively appropriate accessories.
  • Dress for the occasion. If you’re going to work, don’t wear ultra-casual items you would wear at lunch with friends. Equally true, don’t dress to climb the corporate ladder at an outdoor picnic or barbecue. Dressing your best often means dressing appropriately for the occasion.
  • Express yourself. Personal fashion is just that: personal. Rather than robbing a mannequin or model’s look, find inspiration in those looks and look inward for dressing direction. Dress for your body, dress for your color, dress for the occasion and dress for you. Create a personal image when you dress and choose pieces and accessories that meld to your personal message.

Major Contributors to the Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is one of varying tastes, each sprouting from the imagination and drive of creative designers. From inception to the runway to your closet, style is advanced through the contributions of key players. An understanding of the process and people will give you an appreciation for the industry as a whole.

Female Contributors

  • As president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Diane Von Furstenberg has truly led the industry since popularizing the wrap dress in the 1970’s. Always working for model and designer rights, Furstenberg still proves her importance in today’s fashion world with mature, feminine designs and eye-catching patterns.

    Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, in addition to Teen Vogue, Men’s Vogue and Vogue Living. Wintour received negative press through the 2003 fiction book “The Devil Wears Prada” — penned by former assistant Lauren Weisberger — and the resulting 2006 hit motion picture, both of which appeared to be based on Wintour’s leadership style at Vogue. However, Wintour remains fiercely driven. She continues to influence the industry by constantly pushing the envelope, reshaping and redefining fashion and using her influence to help make famous designers she likes.

    Last but not least, Natalie Massenet changed both the fashion industry and the Internet with a single stroke. As founder and CEO of Net-a-Porter, she created the first online luxury fashion website, paving the way for consumers to conveniently shop online. Since then, Massenet also has launched Mr. Porter and The Outnet websites.

     Natalie Massenet, Victoria Beckham and Diane von Furstenberg at the 2013 London Fashion Week.

Male Contributors

  • One of the wealthiest men in the fashion industry, Leslie Wexner, may not be a household name. But you’ll certainly recognize his businesses. The founder, chairman and CEO of Limited Brands has combined his work ethic and natural leadership to build up the company with Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express and other familiar brands.

    Once a designer for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren got his start working retail for Brooks Brothers before becoming a necktie salesman and then a tie designer. The award-winning billionaire designer is known for bringing simplicity and quality to ready-to-wear clothing for men, women and children. Polo, perhaps his most popular brand, exhibits a preppy style and promotes a groomed and fitted appearance.

    Then there was the innovative and theatrical Alexander McQueen. Once the chief designer for Givenchy, the British designer was known for colorful and striking designs perfect for the runway — and extravagant, often controversial collection themes. After creating successful lines under his own brands for men and women. he died of an apparent suicide in 2010.

  • Ralph Lauren greets the crowd at the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.


  • Of course, fashion designers need models to show off the brand’s possibilities. Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen made a name for herself even before becoming Mrs. Tom Brady. She brought femininity back into the industry and proves to be a hot commodity with appearances on hundreds of magazine covers and contracts with Victoria’s Secret, Estee Lauder and many other brands and designers.

    Models Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, both approaching 40, show that age is not a factor in a model’s worth within the fashion industry. Klum is the host and executive producer for the reality television show “Project Runway” where she — along with fashion gurus Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia — guides and assists budding designers. Banks continues to mentor young models in the successful reality TV competition “America’s Next Top Model,” which has become a popular franchise in numerous countries around the world.

    Another supermodel worth noting for her popularity and unusual longevity is Naomi Campbell. She appeared on the cover of Elle magazine at the age of 15 and two years later was on the cover of Vogue Paris. The 40-something model continues to strut runways, grace magazines and appear in music videos after almost 25 years in the business. She also stars in and executive produces a new reality TV competition for aspiring models titled “The Face.”

     Tyra, Heidi and Gisele at a 2004 Victoria’s Secret party in Los Angeles.


  • In some ways, ordinary people would not have a clue about fashion without the help of celebrities. From Angelina Jolie to George Clooney, those walking the red carpet are often asked which designers they are wearing. Even political figures influence the fashion world, from First Lady Michelle Obama to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Both often wear trends, fueling demand and causing designers to quickly sell out of the looks.
     The red carpet allows designs to be seen on every television screen.


  • Even with all the designers, models and celebrities, the fashion industry would crumble if consumers did not buy the products. A particular style only becomes a fashion trend if the populace supports it, and trends that inspire designers often start on the streets. The greatest feedback a designer can receive is in the form of your patronage. With every clothing selection you make, the success or failure of fashion lies in your hands.
     Believe it or not, your clothing choices affect the fashion industry.

Postmodernism in Fashion


“God save the queen,” snarled the Sex Pistols in 1977. “She ain’t no human being.” Like typical angst-driven teens, though, anarchy-based punk music and its rude fashion sibling, postmodernism, grew up, moved uptown, got old — and eventually became museum pieces. The early 21st century has seen a handful of exhibitions paying tribute to punk’s godparents, Vivienne Westwood and the late Malcolm McLaren. In May 2013, “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, paired an unlikely name, Anna Wintour of “Vogue” — a co-chairman — with the punk aesthetic, signalling the great influence postmodernism has had on fashion. Postmodernism is dead: Long live … whatever the next new thing will be. Pundits haven’t figured that out yet.


  • In the visual arts, postmodernism is considered a late 20th century reaction to the modern art movement, with midcentury pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein bridging the gap. Modern artists — including Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky — prized freedom and individuality, and the movement was tied to “progress, the Industrial Revolution and capitalism,” according to Arts Connected. The postmodern revolt, which began in France, put the focus on the collective rather than the individual and ideas rather than visuals. Irony and social context are trademarks; pop culture is considered as valid as the classics. The pop culture world — music and fashion alike — met postmodernism head on in the 1970s, when punk hit the New York and London street scenes.
     Museum piece: Elizabeth Hurley’s safety-pin little black dress by Versace showed how street fashion had migrated to the runway.

Urban Guerrillas

  • When Westwood teamed with McLaren in the 1970s to open a London fashion shop — renamed SEX when McLaren began to manage the Sex Pistols — England’s widely unemployed youth was ready to channel depression into anger with the punk movement. Westwood and McLaren’s punk clothing line, Seditionaries, came out in 1976. The punk movement took off: Safety pins, shredded shirts, tattered British flag motifs and studded leather jackets were accented by neon-colored hair and facial piercings — devolving into anything “dirty, ripped, scarred, shocking, spectacular, cruel, traumatized, sick or alienating,” according to a Metropolitan Museum of Art timeline. Westwood’s fashion designs went on to evoke other postmodern themes: “Nostalgia of Mud,” in the 1980s, went global; “Witches” cited New York graffiti artist Keith Haring; and “Britain Must Go Pagan” mixed classical drapery and H.G. Wells tweed. “Fashion is always a parody, and therefore it has to be somewhat theatrical,” Westwood said in a video interview about her punk days.
     John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, talks at a 2006 museum event about punk’s influence on fashion.

Street Fashion Bubbles Up

  • McLaren and Westwood weren’t alone among designers watching the street scene: Zandra Rhodes was nicknamed “the princess of punk,” and Gianni Versace’s safety-pin-accented gown made it to the red carpet when Elizabeth Hurley wore it to a movie premiere. The Metropolitan Museum’s 2013 exhibition includes punk-influenced designs by Marc Jacobs, Rei Kawakubo, Helmut Lang, Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Alexander Wang, among others. McQueen’s “bumster” low-rise jeans and skull motifs went on to become major fashion staples. The Met exhibit’s “D.I.Y. Destroy” gallery even pairs photographs of Sid Vicious and a Chanel model — the classical but shredded designer suit and the model’s short, spiky hair echoing the late punk musician — a thoroughly postmodern high-low example of how street fashion jostled its way onto the runway.
     A design by Rei Kawakubo is displayed at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

What’s Next

  • For some, the museum retrospectives on punk and postmodernism were the death knell for the movements: Once again, the rebels had become the establishment. But we can’t unlearn the messages of postmodernism, Edward Docx argues in “Prospect” in 2011. Instead, Docx predicts a new era of authenticity and individuality — not the shock of reaction, but an outgrowth of an Internet generation yearning for something real and cherished. In “The Guardian,” writer Justin McGuirk suggests that postmodernism might just continue to recycle itself: “Retro has become a perpetual condition.” So fashion, possibly, might be like a giant clothes dryer spinning ’80s and ’90s trends from which we could grab a little grunge or glitz to suit the mood as a break from futurism. Meanwhile, with its reactive ties to “turbo-capitalism,” McGuirk says, postmodernism might export itself to emerging consumer centers such as Moscow, Shanghai and Dubai.
     Fashion with a message: The Metropolitan Museum’s May 2013 exhibit examined punk fashion.

What Is Fashion Marketing?

Fashion marketing concerns a fashion house, brand or label, and conveys a certain image to the public. Whether that’s by product placement on a celebrity or by creating merchandise exclusive to certain stores, it’s up to the marketing team to decide how a brand will go about portraying themselves in the public eye.

Fashion Marketing Team

  • Most fashion marketing involves working in large teams, which can span the country or the globe. Fashion houses have large marketing teams in nearly every fashion capital (New York City, London, Milan and Paris) to ensure that the image they’re portraying is the same across the board.


  • Being on a fashion marketing team can involve anything from being in charge of special events and guest lists to pulling the best items from a collection to showcase for editors. The same person might be asked to perform both of these tasks, so it’s important to be open to new roles and responsibilities when working in fashion marketing.

Fashion Marketing on Every Level

  • It isn’t just high-end fashion houses that have been around for decades that must implement fashion marketing. Diffusion lines (lower-end lines created by high-end labels), specialty chain retailers and department stores all use the tool in one way or another. The objective is the same, but the message varies depending on the demographic for the store or brand.

Message and Intention

  • It’s the job of the marketing team to ensure the public has a solid understanding of the brand’s message and intentions. These things are usually put together by a brand’s CEO or creative director. It’s the job of the marketing team to carry out this message in every aspect of the line — design of apparel or accessories, advertisement campaigns and price points.

Similar to Public Relations

  • In the past few years, fashion has become a powerful industry. Where fashion houses once reached out to public relations firms to handle their fashion marketing, many brands now have in-house PR and fashion marketing reps. There are now public relations firms that deal solely with fashion marketing and work on a contract basis with a store or brand.

When Are the Four Main Fashion Weeks?


Fashion weeks provide opportunities for designers to present their collections to journalists, buyers, their peers and the public. There are four main fashion week locations. The events are held in the widely recognized world fashion capitals: New York, London, Paris and Milan. A fashion week takes place twice a year in each of these four cities.

New York

  • New York Fashion Week takes place twice a year. In February, designers debut collections for the following fall and winter seasons, while in September couture that will be available the following spring and summer is previewed. Of the four consecutive fashion weeks, New York’s is the first of each season. Major designers including Reem Acra, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang participate, presenting new couture and ready-to-wear collections. New York Fashion Week began as Press Week in 1943, when American designers using American-made materials presented their collections to fashion editors only. Now managed by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, New York Fashion week is now open to buyers, the press and celebrities, and in every season both established and emerging designers present their collections.


  • London hosts the second Fashion Week of each season. London’s Fashion Week began in 1984, with runway shows and exhibitions taking place in a West London parking lot. Designers including Stella McCartney and John Galliano have debuted their premier collections at London Fashion Week. London Fashion week is coordinated by the British Fashion Council. The biggest challenge faced by London Fashion Week is its capacity to retain and represent British talent. As fashion journalist Tom Sykes observed recently, London has always provided fresh talent, but the talent always leaves, putting London in fourth place among the major fashion week cities. However, based on the re-emergence of Burberry as a key participant in London Fashion Week, it appears that London Fashion Week is on the rise as of 2013.
     A model wearing Paul Smith for the Spring/Summer 2004 London Fashion Week shows.


  • Milan is third on the seasonal Fashion Week calendar, and its event occurs the week following London’s, usually in late February or early March. Milan is home to a number of major fashion houses, including Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Valentino, Versace and Prada, and the city has an extensive fashion history. As Renata Mohlo, the former editor of “Vogue Italia” noted, 1979 was a pivotal year for Milan Fashion Week. That year, Milan overtook Paris in terms of sales volume and profit.
     A model in the Mario Gasperi show for new upcoming designers, Milan 2013.


  • Paris holds the last of the four major fashion weeks. Since the event’s inception in 1973, Paris has been a center for international fashion exhibitions, hosting shows by designers including Elie Saab and Issey Miyake running one week from late February to early March. Since France has a legal restriction on the use of the designation “haute couture,” there is an additional week, usually before New York Fashion Week, that features these special collections. Perhaps the biggest challenge for Paris fashion is changing the ways its young designers, who are featured at Fashion Week, are trained. As Nathalie Dufour, founder of the ANDAM prize observed, in France fashion is taught like an art, but in England and New York everyone knows it is an industry.